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What do you think the answer is?

Biology (multiple choice!)
Where are the multiple choices?

What do you think the answer is?

Algebra Percent ( Check + Help)?
What number is 60 percent of 85? So I wrote out on my paper.. 60 Over 100= x over 85 would I then cross multiply? Thankks for your help! - Allyson

Percents and Porporitons help? ( Algebra) Check?
Thank you.

Percents and Porporitons help? ( Algebra) Check?
What percent of 120 is 66? So on my paper.. I wrote 120 out of 100, because all percents add up to be 100 percent. And then I wrote = 66 over x. Is this correct? and then I would do the butterfly method? ( Cross Multiply) Thank you! -Allyson

Algebra ( Check +Help please)
11/w=33/w+24 Basically it's made to look like a proporiton, ratio + ratio. And I know that 33w= 11(w+24) But I don't know what to do from there could somebody explain to me? Thank you!

Algebra, help me?
1/4(8j-3)=2j-3 I know you distribute first, but then I don't exactly know where to go from there. Help would be appreciated. Thank you very much. -Allyson

Algebra, check.
10z-4=10z-2 So I subtract 4 from the 2 right? and 10 from the ten, but then itd be 0=2 There is no soloution for this problem.. correct?

Algebra check/help?
Ah, okay. I see what I did wrong, thank you.

Algebra check/help?
OH! So 2x-3x is -1, -1x-14+6 then subtract 6 from the fourteen and get -1x= 8 correct?

Algebra check/help?
So, for this one, it is 2x-14=3x+6 Can someone please explain to me how they would solve this problem? I think you would add 14 to the 6, but I'm not sure..

algebra, help please?
Okay, so I would write down no soloution, thank you!

algebra, help please?
So the problem is y-2=y+2 Would I subtract 2, or add the two? because i know you have to do something with the two, but I have no idea what.. Thank you!

Algebra function problem, check/help?
So what would the input be? Is it 1/3? Or are you telling me to follow those steps.. to find the input. I'm very confused.

Algebra function problem, check/help?
Set up a function for the following situation: The output of a function is 8 less than 3 times a number. B) Find the input when the output is 13? Would your equation look like: 8<3=13? Or am I doing this wrong? Please help!

There are no numbers to answer your question with.

Algebra story problem, check please?
Dan purchases dvd's from a website, each dvd costs 11 dollars, and the shipping and handling fee is 6.95, dan is charged a total of 50.95, how many dvds did he purchase? A) Label a variable and write an equation: 11(x)+6.95=50.95 x is the number of DVD's purchased. 2) ...

Okay, thank you.

I'm confused? can you explain better for me?

How would you solve 23=1-d? I don't even think there would be an answer to this.. can someone explain to me how to solve this? Thank you!

algebra, please help
the membership fee for oining a camp association is 45 a local campground charges members of the camping associatons 35 per night for a campsite and non members 40 per night, after how many nights of camping is the total cost for the members includingthe membership fee, the s...

Algebra, help
So, I've written down 22x+70=17x-95 and I think you would add together 22 and 17, to get 39x right? and then you would subtract 70 from the -95 and get that number and solve, correct?

Algebra, check please?
5(N+2)=3/5(5+10n) And then I wrote down 5n+10 But what would do after that? I know that the equal sign basically cuts it inhalf so that it's two problems.. but I just don't know what to do from that point. Help please? -Allyson

Algebra, ( Check please)
Thank you :)

Algebra, ( Check please)

Algebra, ( Check please)
5h-7=2(h+1) I got, 5h-7=2h+1 and then I added -7 plus 1, and got -6 So 5h-6=2h? Could someone explain what I did wrong and help me correct it?

Algebra, explain?
So I could have two answers... ? 8 and 72?

Algebra, explain?
Okay, when I checked my answer, how come I got 72? when I put 8 As A into the equation.

Algebra, explain?
So I have to solve this problem 9a=6(a+4) And then I wrote down: 9a=6a+24 but I don't know what to do from there, can someone explain to me please?

Algebra, ( check please)
I just don't know what to do from this point on..

Algebra, ( check please)
A/3+4=6 I subtracted 4 from 4, and 4 from 6. and I got A/3+2= But how do I solve it from here?

-11=z/-2 Does this mean that I multiply the -2 by -11 and then what?

=11=z/-2 So for this one I would multiply 11 x =2?

7x -7 = -49 t=49?

7=T/-7 How on earth would I solve this?

-11 :D

187=-17R How exactly would I solve this? Would you divide the 187 by the -17?

Cause the problems actually 108=9j SO you'd just divide, I wrote the problem wrong.

I think what you could do, is divide and you'll get J.

Theres nothing equal to it, they just said to solve the equation and check your answer.

-108-9j I think you just add nine to the -108 and then that's it?

bus stats

Sound's next, Thank you Miss Sue.

I agree with that, but I just don't know what to write because I'm not an adult, I'm a student, thats why I came here to ask what you guys stories are.

Can anyone here tell me any of the stories you used to tell your kids of your past lifes? I need to write one for English, and my mom doesn't want to tell me one. I just need examples.. or maybe you guys can give me a story I can use? ^.^ Just a story you would tell your c...

english 2
if you were young lucious, what would you think bout the events you observed? how would you fel about brutus?

English 2
please wil you help my question

9th grade math
Translate the phrase into an expression The product of 6 and a number y how would i write that?

8th grade math
So 7.5(4)

8th grade math
The perimeter of a square with a side length of s is given by the expression 4s, what is the permiter of the square shown? and on one of the sides it says 7.5m How would I answer this?

Thank you!

Canyu canoe co rents canoes for 8 dollars plus 3 dollars per hour or any part of an hour. for how many hours can you rent a canoe if you want to spend no more then 25 dollars?

11th grade-World Geography
In the movie "Cry Freedom": 1)who was the speaker at soccer game & why did the police pick him up? 2)Where did Biko's wife hide subversive documents? 3) Who did police pick up on street? 4) What happened to this person? 5)How did the news report on the radio desc...

World Geography
In the movie Cry Freedom, who was the 2nd speaker @ the soccer game and why did the police pick him up? Where did Biko's wife hide the subversive documents. Who did the police pick up on the street and what happened to this person?

am doing a reach paper on alcatraz and i need some theories 2 or 3 of them. if you could give me some that would be great


Pre Algebra HELP
please help dont get it when it sayuse the distributive propetyto rewrite the expressionand then has 10(2+y+z)

Pre algebra

math fifth grade
amswer=12 factors of 48 1,2,3,4,6,8,12,16,24,48 cross out 1and 3 not even the only one that adds up to three is 12 and 6x2is 12 so it is a multipule of 6

5 x 5 = 25

Physics Again
I think you are correct, I don't see any parts you are missing.

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