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I'm trying to unscramble the following letters to make a sentence. Help! ipsoosousceeeuysethsumtatdoyngc

What is the average acceleration of a baseball that goes from zero to 47 m/s in 0.132 s?

ways in which hydrology can have positive or negative impacts on the ecosystem. cant find any helpful sites please help

Complete the following radioactive decay problem. 234 4 U ---> He+ 92 2 how do i do this?

Algebra 1
if the border for the first bedroom costs $1.95 per foot,the second bedroom is $1.45 per foot, the third bedroom is $1.75 per foot, and the sales tax rate is 5.5%, what will the total cost be?

Algebra 1
the perimeter of the first bedroom is 44 feet. What are the dimensions?

9th grade
the perimeter of the first bedroom is 44 feet.What are the dimensions?

algebra 1
Simplify the following expression. x^-1 =

Find the product. (n^3)^2 · (n^5)^4 = n_____

2 feet

Rewrite this complex sentence as two simple sentences. I wish I didn't have to go because I am very busy. im not really understanding this, how to do it

i was wondering if anyone can tell me if this is a correct metaphor MY LIFE IS A DREAM My life is a dream, like a tiger waking up from her deep sleep. My life is like a dream, it's all up to me, the trees are purple, the stars talk away the night, the moaning moon lights u...

i'm not sure witch statement is true .The earth has a stronger gravitational pull than the Sun because it is smaller in mass. .Planets would travel in a straight line if it weren't for the force of the Sun's gravity. .The Sun's gravitational pull is weaker on p...

health and personal wellness
Possessing meaning in life and being driven by personal values describes which area of wellness? 1.Emotional wellness 2.Intellectual wellness 3.Spiritual wellness 4.Social wellness

world geography
The most accurate representation of the earth is a(n) ______. Azimuthal equidistant globe relief map Winkel Tripel projection

world geography
A geographic resource containing map collections is a(n) _____. almanac atlas reader's guide thesaurus

world geography
Which of the following statements is most accurate? 1.The physical environment has no effect on human activities, but human activities may affect the physical environment. 2.The physical environment does not affect on human activities, and human activities do not affect the p...

like liver-worts, grow from spores

Astronomers think planets formed from interstellar dust and gases that clumped together in a process called _____. 1.stellar evolution 2.nebular aggregation 3.planetary accretion 4.nuclear fusion

When I bumped the table, the coffee in my cup spilled out. Newton's _____ law explains this reaction. 1st 2nd 3rd

Newton's _____ law explains why my hands hurt when I clap loudly. 1st 2nd 3rd

According to the condensation theory, the most important factor for the formation of our planets was _____. 1.the gravitational pull of the Sun 2.the interstellar dust attracting heat away from the protosun 4.the process of nuclear fusion 5.the nebular cloud condensing

A spherically symmetric object with radius of .7m and mass of 1.6kg rolls without slipping accross a horizontal surface with velocity of 1.7m/s. It then rolls up an invline with an angle of 28degrees and comes to rest a distance d of 2.3m up the incline, before rolling back do...

There's a bar with length of 6.49m and mass of 5.45kg leaning against a frictionless wall. It makes an angle of 66.08 deg with the ground. A block with mass of 44.98 kg hangs from bar at distance d up from point of contact between bar and floor. The frictional force (us=.3...

Chem! hELP
An experiment is preformed to determin the empirical formula of a copper iodide formed by direct combination of elements. A clean strip of copper metal is weighed accurately. Its is suspended in a test tube containing iodine vapor generated by heating solid iodine. A white com...

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