July 24, 2014

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college algebra
Shellie pays $4.00 for a square piece of wood, which she makes into a stop sign by cutting the corners off. what is the cost of the wasted part? I don't even know where to begin? do I take $4.00*1/8....which equals half and subtract that from 4.00...getting $2.50

college algebra
Amy sets up a game in which she puts four $10bills and one $20 bill in one box. Blindly grabs one of the bills and keeps it. To break even on average, how much must she charge the player to play? is it just she would need to charge the player $20 to break even?

college albegra
thank you so much!

college albegra
Brandon has 3 inventions, one saves 30 percent on fuel; a second saves 45% a third saves 25%. If he uses all three inventions at once, what percent can he save on fuel? do I add all of the percentages together and divide by 3? =1/3 or 3%? or is it 100%?

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