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General Chemestry
Diacetyl, a substance contributing to characteristic flavor and aroma of butter, consist of 55.8% C, 7.03% H, and 37.17% O. In the gaseous state at 100 C and 747 torr, a 0.30 gram sample occupies a volume of 111ml. What is the molacular formula of diacetyl?
October 26, 2008

Algebra 2
August 17, 2008

african history
the colonizers were the british people, Africans became slaves because they were forced by the british people and on the other side they had no choice.
January 28, 2008

Each division of the NBA HAS 7 teams. How many different division standings are possible at the end of the season?
September 20, 2007

Your favorite CD consists of 12 songs. If you play the CD randoming on your CD player, how many play list are possible?
September 20, 2007

thank you very much
September 20, 2007

The registration code for a new softwear game you purchased consists of a string of 3 letters followed by 5 digits. How many different registration codes are possible? If you lost your registration code and had to quess, what is the probability that you will answer the correct...
September 20, 2007

How many n-digit decimal sequences (using digits 0-9) are there with k 1s? Decimal sequences meaning you can have as many 0s in front of a number. For example: 000001234557891111 would be consider valid. So how do i come up with an equation? See my response to Sana's ...
October 15, 2006

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