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Early childhood literacy
Thank you. The answer is Personification

Early childhood literacy
The answer is C

Early childhood literacy
"Let me in"said the pin.This is an example of: A .Assonance B .A metaphor C .Alliteration D .Personification. I chose A

Early Childhood Literacy
Thank you Ms Sue.

Early Childhood Literacy
The answer is A

Early Childhood Literacy
Words are : A . Convenient Communication shortcuts B .Not arbitrary symbols C .Unique to each individual in English D .Thoughts written down. I chose D

Early childhood literacy
What do preschoolers use private speech for?

I really need someone to write me a short formal letter of complaint that presents a problem and suggests a solution. Please help!!

To build a 2.5m by 3m deck, a local building supply store chargess 1000 dolars for materials, plus carpenter's wage of $30/h. The store gives you an estimate of $1480 for the total cost. How much time is estimated for the carpenter to build the deck

Nacl(s)+ HCl---->H20 +NaCl(aq) delta H(amouint of energy aborbed by the solution is 4263.6J) Is it okay to say that H2 represents the heat evolved to neutralize 2g of NaOH with an acid

NaOH(aq) + HCl(aq)----> H20 + Nacl(aq).. solve for the amoont of energy aborbed by the solution. (50ml of 1.0M HCl is 23deg; 50ml of 1.0M NaOH is at 25deg; mixed solutuion= 31deg pls tell me the steps to take inorder to solve the question. Thanks in advance.

Writing a paper.
Develop a plan to enhance a child’s emotional intelligence

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