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WoW....maybe in engineering mathematics

what is that aSCII

buat sendiri la..haha

differential equation or physics
A particle moves on the x-axis with an acceleration, a=(6t-4)m/s2. Find the position and velocity of the particle at t=3 , if the particle is at origin and has a velocity of 10 m/s ms when t=0.

differential equation
A simple pendulum of length l, is oscillating through a small angle theta, in a medium for which the resistance is proportional to the velocity. Obtain the differential equation of its motion and discuss the motion

differential equation
A 0.25 kg mass is horizontally attached to a spring with a stiffness 4 N/m. The damping constant b for the system is 1 N-sec/m. If the mass is displaced 0.5 m to the left and given an initial velocity of 1 m/sec to the left, find the equation of motion. What is the maximum dis...

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