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like the system of fuedalism, the Church had its own orgnization. Power was based on status. Church sturucture was based on different ranks of clergy. ? better

How was the structure of the Church like that of the feudal system? Feudalism is based on three things: fief, fealty, and faith. Translation: land, loyalty, religion. So basically the Church was a very important part of feudal society because it owned tons of land throughout ...

What were two inventions from Asia that changed the technology of warfare in western Europe? The leather saddle and stirrups

Check? What were a peasants obligations to the lord of the manor? The peasant's obligations to the Lord of the Manor were based mostly on farming work. The peasant would work large proportions of their day on the land of their Lord, the rest of their day would be put towar...

1. Decline of centralized government-Barbarian invasions of Britain, Gaul, Italy and parts of the Eastern Roman Empire led local populations to try to protect themselves and operate independently of the central authority. 2. Decline of trade-For example, as agricultural output...

Consider a toy car which can move to the right or left along a horizontal line (the pos- itive part of the distance axis) and a force applied to that car. Identify the force that would allow the car to move toward the right (away from the ori- gin) with a steady rate (constant...

M is the midpoint of segment AB, AM=2x+4 and AB=12x+4. What is the value of MB? Show your work for credit.

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