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Two English Questions (HELP!!)
I think it is C, if not what is it?

Gaussian row elimination method: (i) x+3y+z=4 x-2y-2z=3 2x+y-z=9 (ii) x+2z+y=0 2x+y+z=6 3x+3y+2z=14

The diameter of a ball bearing is to have an averageof 2.0 Cm. A random sampling of 10 bearings is selected every hour to check the diameters. The sample selected at 9 a.m gave the following measurements: 2.02, 2.04, 2.00, 1.98, 2.04, 2.04, 2.00, 2.02, 1.96. Calculate the t-...

Every day, a bakery owner buys either butter(B) or ghee(G).The type of item purchased in consecutive days is to be recorded.List the sample space.If a different type of item is purchased than in the previous day, we say that there is a switch.Let X denote the number of ...

Determine which of the sets of vectors is linearly independent. A: The set {p1, p2,p3} where p1(t) = 1, p2(t) = t^2, p3(t) = 3 + 4t B: The set {p1, p2,p3} where p1(t) = t, p2(t) = t^2, p3(t) = 3t + 4t^2 C: The set {p1, p2,p3} where p1(t) = 1, p2(t) = t^2, p3(t) = 3 + 4t + t^2 ...

linear algebra
Determine whether {v1, v2, v3} is a basis for R3 v1 = [1] [-3] [1] v2 = [-3] [8] [4] v3 = [2] [-2] [2] Put the vectors as rows or columns in a matrix and perform Gaussian reduction to determne the row or column rank. In this case you should find that the rank is 3, therefore ...

Find equations for the asymptotes of the hyperbola x2/9 - y2/81 = 1 Rewrite the equation as (x/3)^2 - (y/9)^2 = 1 When both x and y are very large in absolute value, the "1" on the right is negligible in comparison, so y/9 approaches +/- x/3 The asymptotes are ...

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