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college cemistry
Hi Lucinda: This is a buffer: pH = pKa + log [base] / [acid] pH = 9.241 + log [70.90 x 0.1300] / [ 11.10 x 0.278] = 9.72 For future questions, I can be reached at (559) 709-2022 or zdarakjian atgmail dotcom Thank you Zareh Darakjian, Ph.D. University of California Researcher, ...

Chemistry. help please
In theory, yes. Bronsted acid is capable of donating a H^+ to ** any ** other compound, not necessarily water. Arrhenius based his definition on the ability to donate H+ to water. So of you have a substance (solvent) which is a weaker acid than water, then a Bronsted acid will...

Chemistry. help please
Hi Ana: I would like to help you. (559) 709-2022 Zareh Darakjian, Ph.D. University of California

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