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No question here
And ... ?

@Help plzz check asap
I've removed the entire test you posted -- without indicating your answers! Please post only those questions you have serious doubts about along with what YOU THINK the answer is for each. Then when someone comes online who has read that work, he/she may be able to help. ...

What continuum?

Your first answers are partly right. I'm not sure about the second. Please doublecheck on these webpages: and

AP English Literature
I agree.

AP English Literature
It's been a while since I read that book in this detail, but I think "all of the above" is correct.

AP English Literature
Yes, E.

No.* Read your text and several of the articles here. Then re-think.

World History
And you think ... ?

World History
If you post what YOU THINK the answers are, someone will check them for you. But don't guess! Read your text and think before you reply.

HISTORY* Read lots and lots, and then write up your answer. If you want someone here to check your thinking and writing, post what you write.

I can't see their attire!! But maybe "upper class."

That's a badly worded question -- or else those aren't the answers for it. Would this make sense? Read this aloud! Part A In phantom of the tollbooth Act 1, Azaz gives milo a box of letter of the alphabet to will be protected on his journey.

Visual Arts Read and decide.

These all require YOUR thoughts, not ours. So if you'll post what YOU THINK, someone here may be able to critique your thinking and/or help with additional ideas.

Since Jiskha doesn't have a biology expert at this time, please try posting your question at this site. In addition, be sure to make really good use of KhanAcademy! Choose from the ...


You're guessing. Go back and read your text, and make sure you know what "does not pay taxes" means.

And you think ... ?

Both will work fine.

Nope! Not one!! If you're doing a crossword puzzle, surely you've been given definitions or clues.

No one will write your assignment for you. What are YOUR QUESTIONS about your assignment?

No one here has your text, and if anyone from Connexus gives answers, you'll both be banned. Ask a real question, and someone here might be able to help.

Garment making
Read through Related Questions below.

Meter measures length. The others measure weight or mass, although weight and mass are not identical. Which of the other three is a reasonable mass (or weight) for a chunk of sidewalk??

If you read the information on that webpage carefully, and understand the difference between mass and length, you should understand.

No, not D.

The pitfalls of using your phone to post questions!! Relying on autocorrect or not proofreading before posting are HUGE mistakes.

Social studies What did you not understand in Bob Pursley's reply earlier?

NM history
I think there's a better answer.

Not hyperbole. Was she actually shackled to a post or something by a chain made of iron links?

I don't know if this will help, but ...,95.2814863,3z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x2b2bfd076787c5df:0x538267a1955b1352!8m2!3d-25.274398!4d133.775136 Can you see Australia and New Zealand here? Drag the map around until ...

Holy smoke! You must be getting ready to write a book!! Make lists -- one list for features of the US and one list for features of Canada. From those lists, you'll be able to choose the similarities you want to write about, as well as the differences you want to write ...


Social Studies
No, not B either. Read up on England's governmental structure. That's two wrong choices. Please don't post about this again.

Social Studies
No. Read carefully:*

"how should we accommodate society’s need to ration care" Are you sure society has a "need to ration care"? What's the source of that statement?

American History
Bad guess. Look those words up!

Science---Hurry Please Help!

Go here -- Click on Subjects and continue into the subject area you need help with. Or use their search feature, right next to the word Subjects at the top.

Language arts
Are you referring to The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster? I don't know if any tutors here have read this. The following webpage may help, though: Let us know if you keep D for your answer or if you change it and why.

Your answer on the other post was better -- it has full explanation!!

"blah blah" could have explained better. 40/50 = 4/5 = .8 = 80%

Science* Read lots about where and why. Also, use that map (first link) to help you understand where most earthquakes occur.

social studies*

Yes, I agree with both your answers.

Social Studies
3 is correct, but 1 and 2 are incorrect.

That's a sorry excuse that we hear/read all the time -- it was my brother/cousin/friend/sister. We don't believe it anymore!!

Probably A, yes.

2, 3, and maybe 6 would be commonly used. 1 would be OK if you wrote/said, "I need a solid-color T-shirt" -- but then, that's #3, isn't it? =)

History/American Government
Someone here will be happy to check what YOU write in response to these directions. Be sure you have read both documents in full.

Social Studies* Read through MANY of these search results, not just the first few things you see on the screen. Scroll down. Let us know what you decide.

I ask the question because there are umpteen people out there who have their own versions of "multiple intelligences."* Which one are you studying?

Are you given answer choices? Or are you supposed to come up with a word that's used in your text?

Social studies*

6 grade math (from ) 3/4 ÷ 1/2 becomes 3/4*2/1, which equals 6/4 or 2 1/2. 1/2 ÷ 3/4 will get you the same answer. Do you see why? Are you sure you have the directions right?

Social Studies
That may be somewhat true, but there's a better answer.

David = Thando? Why the name change? Those three words still don't make sense unless you can tell us the context, as Ms. Sue asked. It would also help us understand if you use correct capitalization and punctuation. Presence or absence of these can make or break our ...

This makes no sense. "good exposure though" is not a question.

World History
Question 1 is asking about the Holy Land. None of your answers fit. Question 2 is asking about monotheism. Do you understand that word? Do you know how the three religions do or don't fit with the concept behind that word? Question 3 can't be answered until you ...

AxenMO, if you cannot explain how to do the problem, you have not helped this student. Just giving the answer is very unhelpful.

de·sert·i·fi·ca·tion n The transformation of arable or habitable land to desert, as by a change in climate or destructive land use. Clear-cutting is obviously an example of "...

2 is fine; you don't need the comma as in 1. For 3, both answers are fine and so is "This is Mark." (And yes, you wouldn't use "I'm Mark" unless you realized the caller thought you were someone else.)

Just Curious
Kimora = Madison Bramlett

Get rid of the commas, and it'll be fine.

#s 3 and 4 are correct as they are written.

1-3 are fine. You can also say, "Let's have lots of applause for her." 4-7 are fine, too. 5 and 6 can also be varied by substituting "to" for "with."

music 394
Probably whoever composed the music and lyrics.*

Yes, D. =)

A has many errors in it, the worst of which is the comma splice. Please correct some spelling in the sentence you decide is correct, and let us know which one it is.

Personal and professional development
See your other post.

Personal and professional development
Are you clear on what 'evaluate' means? No one here will write evaluations for you because no one here is taking your class. But if you post what YOU WRITE, someone will check your work for you.

Personal and professional development
What are the approaches your text has listed for you. Read and think, and then evaluate each one

These may help. A Parents' Guide to Mobile Phones - ConnectSafely Mobile phones also help keep us and our kids safe. ... Some parents want their young children to have a phone so they can call or be ... ...

Designing Specialty Areas
You'll have to go with what your text says. I believe (and I've seen!) children be creative wherever they are!

Designing Specialty Areas
I have no idea what the differences are between traditional, contemporary, or adventure playgrounds. Surely your text is clear in describing these. The correct answer could be any of these, but I'd choose C, not having the descriptions in front of me. Children can be ...

Designing Specialty Areas

Designing Specialty Areas
I agree.


I've heard people use 1 and 3, but I've never heard anyone use 2. As Reed wrote, 1 is the most commonly used in the US.

Yes, D.

No. I find the doctor's name on every prescription label.

There are grammatical issues in here, too. Here's one: "... a cold object that is stuck on an individual’s hands 24/7 will greatly impact their social life." You have written about "a child" and "an individual" here, but then you write &...

I'd simply make that first part negative: A mobile phone is not a child's best friend...

Contradictory: A mobile phone is a child’s best friend, a companion who is misguiding a child’s life, ruining every moment a child progresses in their wisdom. Unexplained: We should realise that a cold object that is stuck on an individual’s hands 24/7 will ...

If "climate change" means the average temperature (I don't know where this is taken) goes down, then A is correct. But if "climate change" means the average temp goes up, then D is correct. What do you think is meant by "climate change"?

Spanish but need super help
Please check back later for a reply from our Spanish expert, Sra.

1. yes 2. no

1 could be right. I can't tell from one paragraph. 2 is correct.

English -- ??
What's your question about this?

It's too long to be haiku.

Any why are you asking to cheat on a test? A test is supposed to indicate what YOU have learned, not what others think. This is your only warning. Do not try to cheat like this again.

b.s.c = ?
What is your question?

P.E 2
1. Go to or 2. Type in pandanggo sa ilaw (or whatever search terms you need). Press Enter. 3. Read different search results until you find what you need. 4. Re-search with different search terms if you don't find all you need.

english Scroll down and study how to form plurals of compound nouns.

I think you need a chat room, not a homework website!! LOL!

Language Arts
I thought I had, but if not, please state clearly what your second question is.

Language Arts
Look up "denotation" and "connotation" here: Yes, there are many examples of imagery, connotation, and metaphor all through this poem. Study these webpages carefully

US History
You're welcome. =)

US History*

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