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"How do you feel ... " " ... how would you address ... " Only you can answer all these questions. Once you have written up your response, someone here will be able to read it over and make suggestions, if you like.

3 and 4 are best.

English please help me
I regret that I resigned from your company, but I had to do so for family reasons. I am presently working here in Maldives as a professional photographer and salesman, but I believe yours is the best company I have ever worked for. Good managers like you, who is very understan...

Usually, we'd use the preposition "to" in a sentence like this, but for this particular march, the preposition "on" has always been used. I think this is because he was leading such a large group of people, and because they were not going there for plea...

I'd be stuck between B and C!

I've heard people speak a word -- many words actually -- but have no idea what it means!! I think C is correct. Humans' largest vocabularies include those words they hear (aural vocabulary) and eventually those they read. The next largest vocabulary is usually the spea...

3 and 4 are the same and are correct for the multiple-exams situation you described.

1 and 2 are fine and mean the same thing. 3 doesn't mean the same thing.

One kind Or Very few

1 and 3 are correct. Yes, both are types of pasta.

Early Childhood Education
And you think it's ... ?

1. Read through several links on this webpage: Ten syllables in each line is often called iambic pentameter (meaning there are 5 "feet" of two syllables each, and the second syllable in each foot is stre...

Neither is completely correct. Here's how I'd rephrase: This construction in Spanish is different from that in English. (Change the languages to whatever you want.)

Correction: ... the way they should.

Try this: Dear Ms... It looks like I will not be able to attend class on 23 June because I need to see a doctor. I told you that I have multiple sclerosis. I have finally started therapy, and my doctor needs to see me on that Monday to see if the treatment and medicine work th...

Everything reads just fine! Nice!!

#2 is correct. #1 is not.

health mangement
What does CMI mean?

In that sentence, "took up" means "began" or "started." Here are two lists -- phrasal verbs and idioms -- that will help you with various expressions: ("take up" is in the T section here)

Here's a list of subordinating conjunctions: Use one of these to connect your sentences. Some rephrasing may be needed, and you may need to use a coordinating conjunction, too. (FANBOYS) Skateboarding originated in...

Damon is right.

English The first sentence is OK. The second is a run-on. Please fix it.

You bet it is!

Cumulative sentences english
Your first revision is fine. Your second one is incorrect ... unless you mean that your mother's surgery was unable to eat dinner, do homework, or get any sleep! Do you see why?

word scramble

geography ??

Does he change during the story?

History,Maths Lit,life science and Geography
Anything you want.

SP180.1.2 Principles of Public Speaking
This is not a good topic. Who would disagree with you?

It seems clear to me. Exactly which part don't you understand?

internet basic
None, apparently.

You're welcome. It's much easier to plan and write an essay if you make lists first!


1. Make sure you have read the book thoroughly. 2. Make 3 lists: Gatsby's flaws; Gatsby's ideals; elements in the idea "American dream." 3. Make comparisons and contrasts from your lists.

Take two sheets of paper. Put Vonnegut at the top of one and King at the top of the other. On each page, list how each author defines or gives examples of the term "equality." Once you have those ideas isolated, you'll be able to complete the assignment.

LA plz help
It's a wonderful book. Be sure to read it.

I'd say #1, yes.

All four of the answers work, but #3 is the best.

45 minutes + 90 minutes = ?

The conversation is fine. "It" in the 3rd sentence is one of those that is referring to the atmosphere or situation or surroundings in general, in this case probably the atmosphere of the store.

Are you supposed to rewrite this in memo form in correct, standard English?

Business law
This is your assignment, which no one here will do for you. But if you have an actual question about your assignment, please post it, and someone here may be able to help.

Yes. All are fine.

It would be better to change the word order a bit. He looks just like his father. The other two sentences don't work. Sorry.

She/he will post every question, one at a time, if you don't stop this. Answering one or two ... no problem, but answering every single one promotes dependence and, eventually, cheating.

Cassie needs to stop helping this other person to cheat.

It would really help if you used correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. Are these your sentences? When the car hit a tree, it made a terrible noise. The car made a terrible noise as it crashed into a tree. In the first sentence, does "it" refer to the car...

Your answers are very vague and redundant. Are you supposed to write such air-y responses?

Is Your Child in the 20%?


Baloney, Al. If you've already written it, why can't you post your thesis statement?

You haven't answered my questions.

Have you written the paper? What is your thesis statement?

ss - 1 question!
C is a very modern-day response (in our heavily political world!) even if the reference is to something that happened 200 or 400 years ago. How very sad. Sure ... post your questions. If I can help, I will.

ss - 1 question!
B is correct, yes.

ss - 1 question!

Socials urgent
1. Go to or 2. Type in port moody history (or whatever search terms you need). Press Enter. 3. Read different search results until you find what you need. 4. Re-search with different search terms if you don't find all you need. 5. ...

Teachers aide
Are you supposed to guess? Or have you been given choices?

Try independent florists or a mom-and-pop (very small grocery) store.

Are you clear on the meaning of the words 'lifted' and 'ban' in that sentence? You probably need to look up every word you're not 100% sure of.

Q1. Sometimes. Usually people buy the food they want at a snack bar and then either stand nearby or go and find a table or a bench or a park and eat there. Q2. Sometimes. You can also find sandwiches for sale in coffee shops, vending machines, and grocery stores' deli depa...

Odd question - help needed
This can't be right. Ten sections would be numbered 0-9 or 1-10, yes? No?

social studies
Which? Are there supposed to be choices?

cultural diversity
"Asian" -- what does that mean? Asia is a huge continent, with many different countries and cultures.

Read lots: And be sure to go through these ideas so you don't produce a...

English - ???
There is no question here.

Languege arts book responce Walk Two Moons
What kind of help do you need in order to complete your assignments?

You'd be far better off to post with your REAL school subject in the School Subject box. Then a tutor with that expertise would be more likely find your question.

Algebra 1-- Please, check my answers!
Victoria ... What do you think these words of Damon's mean? "I had no argument with the rest of your answers."

In this sense, 'coming on' means 'approaching.' Yes, sentence 2 can be used fine, too.

#1 is very awkward and not commonly used in standard English. The other two are fine.

Only #1 is correct.

All three mean the same thing. =)

us hist
I disagree.

A bakery?


english essay
DON'T start any speech's or paper's first draft by writing the introduction! How can you introduce a paper or speech that you haven't written yet? Follow the writing process: Prewriting: Brainstorm, research, plan, outline, thesis statement Writing: Write first...

You're welcome.

L's -- 2/8 (and when you simplify that, what do you get?) vowels -- 4/8 (and when you simplify ... ?)

Are you supposed to guess?

The sentences are all correct, but they do not necessarily have the same meaning. The words sweet and delicate might mean something similar, but not sweet and roasted.

Please put your SUBJECT AREA in the School Subject box, not the arcane abbreviation of the course you're taking. No one here knows what that means.

personal finance
PS ... Federal loans (via the FAFSA form) are the ones with the lowest interest rates usually, but there are also student loans and parent loans through many/all banks in the country. There are many differences among these types of loans, though, and all those differences need...

personal finance
Get a job. Many college students around this country have part-time (and a few have full-time) jobs to put themselves through school. Do they also have loans? Sometimes.

critical & ethical thinking
How about something involving making sure patients understand the difference between "admitted" and "under observation" -- especially Medicare patients?

1 is fine, yes. 2 is correct; 3 is incorrect.

Most of all, I would connect some of the short sentences in order to vary the writing. This restaurant carries several kinds of street food such as odeng, tteokbokki, pretzels, beaver tails, waffles, and stick food. Odeng is fish cake which costs 500 won. Both a long odeng and...

Have you read the book? You might also try this: 1. Go to 2. Enter DRAGONWINGS SUMMARY 3. Press the Enter key. 4. Read, read, read.

english HELP
I'll get you started: 2 - The news reporter stated that the economy was improving. Let us know what you decide about the others.

See Related Questions below.

The first three need to be combined: Let me introduce our team's favorite restaurant: Yumyum Tteokbokki, whose specialty is seasoned and cooked long rice cake. Rephrasing: ,,, I spend about 15,000 won ... Everything else is fine.

6. There are many notices on the bulletin board ... Everything else looks fine.

Who is "He"? We can see his T-shirt and trunks. (Including top and bottom is repetitive.) Connect the two clauses at "So" -- these two should be all one sentence. Everything else is fine.

And you think ... ?

In B, how is the second part an advantage?

2 and 3 are the best. All the others are either very awkward or have incorrect verb tense sequencing.

The first sentence can mean any of the others. It can also mean that he borrowed the camera or even that he stole it!

science pls help asap!!!
The impatience displayed by this student is astounding. From 8:56 to 9:03 pm (8 whole minutes) ... with lots of YELLING in between on the part of this person. =(

You're very welcome!

The second sentence is correct. The issue is the possessive noun form that's needed before the gerund:

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