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Yes, right. Re credit -- yes, all those items are needed to get a credit card, but what do you think is the final deciding factor? Or a factor that sets a person's spending limit?

While all these are correct, how do you reconcile #1 and #4? Advantages 1. PIN Number Can Keep Your Account Safe 2. Easily Accessible 3. Peace Of Mind Disadvantages 4. Information Can Be Stolen 5. Must Actively Monitor The Use Of The Card

business The opposite of income.

Social Studies

If you post what YOU THINK the answers are -- without guessing -- someone here will be happy to check them for you.

Social Studies
Those can't be your questions! Those are the questions YOU are to answer. What are YOUR questions about the assignment?

Social Studies
What text? Oh, YOUR text! Well, we don't have that text ... nor will we write your assignment for you. What are YOUR questions about this assignment?

That's your assignment. What is YOUR question?

You write it up and someone here will check it for you.

Here are nominative forms of personal pronouns: I you he, she, it we they What do you think?

Consumer math
600/40 = h 1.5(h) = ??

3rd grade math
For 30 -- 1, 30, 2, 15, 3, 10, 5, 6 For 31 -- 1, 31 How are they different?

English Essay writing
The directions look quite clear. What kind of help do you need?

language arts
Read through Related Questions below.

Graphing in the Coordinate Plane Unit Test
Asking to cheat? You'll be on the banned list if you continue like this. =(

Social Studies Look on a map to find out where the Negev Desert is. How do you think this connects with the ancient world?

Social studies
Funny thing! You're both posting from the same place in Indianapolis! Hmmm! 1. Go back into your text and read, read, read. Read slowly. Look for the particular words in these questions. Read some more. 2. Let us know what YOU THINK the answers are, and someone here will ...

social studies
I think you need to go back to your text and study the meaning of "store of value." Then think about your answers ... if you will change either or both ... or not.

social studies
Marylyn, it's OK to do that but 1) you need to indicate that it's a quotation and 2) you MUST tell specifically where it came from. This webpage has excellent explanation and examples so you choose the form that has all the correct information: http://owl.english....

social studies
Rummy, make sure you don't copy and paste anything from Marylyn's post. She has copied it from somewhere, but didn't cite her exact source.

Go to Look up the word and read several definitions. Then write your own definition. "in your own words" means YOUR own words, not the words of anyone here!

Math grade 6, quadrilateral logic
Reiny's link is better!

Math grade 6, quadrilateral logic What do you think?

diamondchic/anonymous -- This is not the place to ask this type of question. No one here knows how states, counties, districts, or schools decide to teach what they teach at what age. There are plenty of guidelines, such as the Common Core State Standards, but they don't ...

If you choose the 5 most difficult questions to post and tell the tutors what YOU THINK and/or what confuses you, you might get some help. No one, however, will take the whole test for you!

In the north? In the south? In the west? Or where?

Social Studies
You're welcome!

Social Studies Read lots!

Social Studies Abolitionism Quiz
Please use your text, study materials, and a good search engine or two to find your answers. 1. Go to or 2. Type in publisher of "the liberator" (or whatever search terms you need). Press Enter. 3. Read different search ...

"Discuss" means you need to write an essay about this topic. No one here will do your work for you. However, if the assignment is not clear to you, but sure to ask a specific question about it.


Reading Look up "propose" here and let us know what you think.

Reading Process LA Q
You'll need to check your text for this one. No one here knows what your reading text is calling the "second read of the multi-draft reading process."

Nobody LA Questions
No. That's 2 wrong guesses for 3. Please don't post about this again.

Nobody LA Questions
2. OK 3. I disagree 4. OK 5. OK

phy ed
Read, read, read:

Bravo, Bob and Damon!!

Ed tech
I agree.

Computers (RAM)

us history
None, apparently. Or were you given possible answers to decide among?

Louisiana History
1. ?? Check here to be sure: 2. no 3. yes 5. no Go back to your text.

socialstudies Read lots and let us know what you decide.

"above" <~~?? PS -- There are no Jiskha tutors whose specialty is biology, and if there were, they would not do your assignment for you. Be sure to make really good use of KhanAcademy!

language arts
What word is in italics?


health and P.E.
I agree.

Gifted and Talented Language Arts
You're very welcome!

Gifted and Talented Language Arts
I used "concrete poetry" for my search -- including the quotation marks to make sure those words were kept together in the search engine.

health and P.E.
B is right.

health and P.E.
No, not C.

You'd need to check in your text or google it. I think so, but I'm not sure.

Actually, transfats can be eliminated by all of the above! However the question asks "Trans fats can best be eliminated ... " Which one is best?



And you think ... ?

I agree.

social studies

ed tech
What does this mean? "describes a ow collected"

For sure!

Identity Crisis
Martha = Katie Very weird to answer yourself online like this. =(


I disagree. Consider the use of these phrases and words: no common weapons Like gods... fierce Belinda more than usual lightning

They certainly made food taste more interesting!

... IF you plan to eventually write (for example) for an English newspaper or magazine, that is.

We have no way of knowing how your school system works. If your grades in English classes are high, though, I'd say you have a good chance to study journalism. If your grades are not high, however, you should work on regular English classes first and get those skills and ...

In what country? In what school system? What does "level 3 in English first additional language" mean? What are your grades in your English studies? Clearly, we who are familiar with the US school systems cannot give you good answers!

digital electronics
previous question? what following?

digital electronics
None, apparently.

sales assistant base = $10,000 commission = $90,000*0.15 Add them up!

Social Studies

American Government
I think that's human nature! I think we tend to gravitate toward other people who share our same views. What do you think?

1400(0.65) = ?

language arts
Please read through many of the Related Questions below.

Sorry, but this is not the place to ask for this type of thing. However ... if you have a specific physics question, be sure to ask it and let the tutors know what has you confused.

3 x $3.96 Do you know why?

No ... and don't ask this kind of thing again. It's a quick way to get yourself banned.

Honors English 9
Characterization in Sophocles' plays is undoubtedly indirect. We have to pay attention to what the different characters say and with what tone, how they act and react, etc. Here is a list of the characters in this play:

I think you need to proofread what you posted. This doesn't make sense.

English 8th grade
That's your assignment. What is YOUR question?

American Government
Google is your friend! Read, read, read.

English 6th - incomplete
No answer? Well, in case you need to learn how to recognize different words' parts of speech, use this website:

English 6th - incomplete
What is your question?

There are three sentences there. Is there one you're specifically concerned about? They read OK, but are easily identified as medical-notes-speak!!

And you think ... ??

Chemistry - definitely not American government

Social studies Read lots.

Did you forget to read ALL the instructions on the Post a New Question page before you hit the SUBMIT button? You need to indicate what you've done so far and/or what YOUR questions about each problem are.

Language Which word will you choose to use? How will you rephrase the sentence?

abstract reasoning
1. Go to 2. Enter "silver and gold have I none" meaning (yes, including the quotation marks) 3. Press the Enter key. 4. Read lots.

Drew, you must go with what you've been taught, what you believe, and the directions your teacher has given you ... as Ms. Sue told you earlier, twice. and

MATH LIT,GEO,L/F,AGRICULTURE,ENGL,ZULU You will need lots more education and some kind of specialty to get a good job in your area.

1. Go to 2. Type ten lost tribes 3. Press the Enter key. 4. Read, read, read. If you want someone to check over the sentence YOU write, please post it here.

Bae/Kawaii -- answering your own question. How weird to do that online!

... probably some weird auto-correct that Anonymous's phone or tablet made. This is what happens when someone doesn't proofread before posting!!

... one's parents. Now, how do a person's parents fit into one of those choices?

You must choose a topic that fits your interests. What are the specifics of your assignment? What are you interested in?

American Goverment
2. no 3. no 4. yes 5. yes 6. no 7. no 8. yes Go back and study!

That's your entire assignment, which no one here will write for you. What are your questions about your assignment?

Here's help -- demonstrating what thesis statements aren't and what they are: Be sure to check out all the examples here.


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