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Language Arts
"b" is correct. Adjective clauses almost always begin with relative pronouns (and yes, "whose" is one of them) and describe or modify the closest noun, in this case "Jodi Picoult."


Socials HELP QUICK! Read the Shelter section. Let us know what you think.

Socials Ms. Sue please help!
If they are nomadic, even during part of the year, how would they move long houses??

Socials Ms. Sue please help!

Be sure to look up every single word you're not 100% sure of. Then give it a try.

criminal law

No, there's no onomatopoeia. =)

Assonance is the repetition of vowel sounds, and may or may not rhyme. Look at the other lines around this and decide if you want to include assonance. Here's an excellent example of assonance -- TWO matching vowel sounds in the three words: Jumpy monkey sundae (the name o...

The past tense of broadcast is broadcast!! No -ed ending! Here's what I would write: Ten news items were broadcast on CNN.

I'd go with mournful. How sad would it be to think someone was just out there waving, but he was signaling that he was drowning and needed help? He died because people didn't read the scene right.

Then the choice should be clear between B and D.

Title and author? It needs to be understood in the whole context.

People have known for millennia that humans need to be in balance. "Constant Socratic theme: The parallel between health of the body and health of the soul, i.e. between physical health and moral or spiritual health..."

... and the ability to actually teach, not just lecture or talk!!

To me, it looks like careless writing or lack of good editing. I agree that there should be a period there instead of a comma. Commas are used for this purpose when there is some kind of "reporting" verb, such as said, asked, wondered, and so on.

World History Read, read, read, and take good notes.

C is a question with a subject and verb. Do you see them? A is an adverbial clause. If you remove the word "Since" it'll be a complete sentence.

business plan

Literature Essay (Writeacher)
What kinds of abductions can you think of? Who does the abducting? Of whom? What kinds of bullying can you think of? Who does the different kinds of bullying? What are some results? ... same kinds of questions for your other question marks.

Literature Essay (Writeacher)
You're wasting a lot of time not doing what I asked you to do. I'm not going back in this website to find your outline. If you don't post it, I can't read it.

Literature Essay (Writeacher)
Then post your original outline, and I'll see what I can suggest.

Literature Essay (Writeacher)
I think you need to start from scratch. If you're having this much trouble writing this paper, you need to chuck it and start over. Use the idea list Ms Sue gave you yesterday. She's right.

A Peculiar Question
I agree with Ms Sue ... there were many more things to fear in the past, including the items on the list Ms Sue gave you yesterday.

writing thesis statments
Holy smoke! That's WAY too broad a topic!! How do you plan to narrow it down? What is your opinion about your narrowed-down topic? What is your draft of your outline?

No one here will do your assignments for you. What are YOUR questions about all this?

Business Communication

Business Communication
I agree.

Spamming the board!
You must be taking a test. If you really want help, you need to indicate what you do or don't understand about each of these.

Lang Arts
Author? Title? Someone here will be happy to check YOUR ANSWERS.

Literature Essay (Writeacher)
THIS is your thesis statement: People fear more now because there is more to be afraid of. The rest might become part of your intro (or not), but the sentence in italics above is the ONE SENTENCE that states your MAIN IDEA and your STANCE. Now read only that one sentence, and...

Literature Essay (Writeacher)
I'll check in the morning.

Literature Essay (Writeacher)
I could tell better if I could read your thesis statement, but so far I think this paragraph reads really well now! Nice!! In organizing your paper, the thesis statement's best position is at the end of your introduction ... and that paragraph eventually will precede this ...

Literature Essay (Writeacher)
This is much better. I'd still make a few changes, but you have taken care of nearly all the wordiness! Congrats! It's not easy, I know. Why do you need to say "I feel..." or "I mean..." You're the one writing the paper, so it should be obvious ...

A.P English For the basic conflict, ask yourself what exactly sets up the "problem" that is solved by the end of the story.

Sounds fine, but "plot" is the entire thing, isn't it?? Go through these and see if you want to delete, add, or change anything.

Literature Essay (Ms. Sue and/or Writeacher)
How can you revise this so it's 3 words, not 5 (and badly phrased)? "due to many different reasons" How can you revise this so it's 4 words, not 7? "from any source of this present day" Go through the entire paragraph and cut, cut, cut. It's sti...

It all reads fine to me. These are things that students would use the internet for, right. Adults will also use the internet to research travel routes and transportation, to read the news, to check on stocks, to conduct online banking, etc.

Someone here will be happy to critique what you write. It's clear from the directions that ONLY YOU can write this!!

Literature Essay (Ms. Sue and/or Writeacher)
This is extremely wordy. Cut out all the unnecessary (repetitive) words, revise, and repost.

Social studies (History)
You're welcome.

Social studies (History)
What is the historical context of this era? When did this occur and why? What else can you think of?

I'll be happy to check your answers.

Spelling Look up antonyms (and synonyms) here.

writing Study this and let us know what YOU THINK!

Why was my ? deleted
Posting answers AFTER you've turned something in is unacceptable. It encourages cheating among others. Please don't do this.

Your #1 is the way it's pronounced when there are just the initials.

I agree with Ms Sue ... skiing holiday.

It would help us be able to read your questions if you hit the Enter key after each line ... like this: 1.He gets killed 2. I will get it done 3 gas gets over. could i know the grammatical aspect here ? I mean get/gets followed by a participle .what form of a sentence construc...

insurance coverage for hospitals, doctor's appointments, prescriptions, etc. insurance coverage for dentistry insurance coverage for vision needs What else can you think of?

Ms.Sue please help
That's sheer baloney! The first link I gave you answers your first question with several reasons. Pick one ... or more. The second link I gave you has umpteen examples ... countries that have allied with each other for various purposes. Read. Think. Write.

Social studies
You don't want to do the reading and thinking???

social studoes
You're welcome!

social studies and

Math question
I'd put it into and see what happens. Someone who knows math will be able to explain it to you, no doubt.

Summer Reading
Sorry ... too many to choose from!

Language Arts Remember - it's a whole situation, which turns out differently than you expect.

You may have to search and research, but once you learn some good sources and methods, you should have success. In addition to searching on the Internet, you also need to make best friends with the reference librarian(s) in your local or college library. Libraries these days s...

7th grade acc math prevents
.18 x 520 = 93.6 <~~right?*520 100 - 93.6 = 6.4 So ... on a 100-square grid, you'd darken 6 squares and just under half of the 7th square. Right??

It's fine.

Since I think A and B are both important and C is all right, I'd choose D!!

I'm very glad. And I hope Anonymous will know it, too. =)

Go here: Scroll down to the definitions under Verb and read the second one.

The answer is not D!

English HELP!!
Yes, that's right. Here's a good webpage re fragments:

English HELP!!
How would you complete this: After all the people left the party, my boyfriend ... And this: When Halloween arrives, it's inaccurate to say that all boys and girls ...

Latin - very incomplete!
Try looking up words here:

Language arts 2 question!??
I haven't read what your 1st question is about. The 2nd one is frail. It implies negative health or breakable structure. The 3rd is " ... important ... " (The others are introducing causes.)

I agree with Ms. Sue ... only #7 is correct. You either haven't read your text, haven't understood your text, or aren't even trying to think about what's logical and what's not. Read and study your text. Think. Then try again.

And you think the answers are ... ???

Business Ethics
Ask yourself this question differently: Which four of the following are key requirements for auditor independence? List the four ... and then the one not listed will be the answer to the question you posted. Let us know what you decide.

Interest at 8% <~~?? Your textbook needs to catch up to the times!

Business plan
One or more of these might be able to help you: http://w...

Actually, this would be better for the first part of the sentence: We decided to research and write about ...

We were motivated to research and write about Miranda rights when we were learning about rights and responsibilities.

English HELP
Title? Author??

Then you should try these things: 1. Go to or 2. Type in secme at university of florida (or whatever search terms you need). Press Enter. 3. Read different search results until you find what you need. 4. Re-search with different search...


VERY incomplete!
Please proofread what you write before you hit the POST button. This makes no sense at all.

If you don't eat often enough, your body slows down to save itself.

Here is another webpage that may help:

Here is a good webpage that explains what reported speech is: There are two ways in which you can report (write) what someone has said or asked: direct address and indirect address. Direct -- She asked me, "Do yo...

These may help, too. " In the third choral ode the Chorus sings of the hazards of love. This is a comment on the previous scene where Haimon begs for the ...

Please find the right lines in the Antigone sections in here and read carefully: Let us know what you decide.

life science,geography,pure mathematics

Need help World Geograpy
6 is probably B. If you got all these wrong in the first place, I'd say you didn't study your text at all. So study it ("study" means read and re-read more than once!), and then try again ... without guessing.

In addition to not making much sense, there is no question here.

social studies
I've never read that Louisianans did, but on this webpage, there is reference to Texans' escape to Louisiana and the military training the Texan army got there. Be sure to read this entire section, and check out the footnoted references if you need to: http://en.wikipe...

You're welcome! One thing I had forgotten when I ran that first search is the power of the word "not" in a search string. It's one of several boolean operators that we need to remember to use in order to come up with more focused search results! http://www.cs...

Writing <~~hot link

I ran a search for detective work without technology and got mixed results! So I re-searched, using detect...


You're very welcome!

I'd use the adjective form ... AND a comma after "argue," too.

I'd choose a completely different word! I'd choose "regardless." The sentence seems meaningless, though. What are you trying to say? What is the context?

I'd say "d." 45 out of how many? 65 out of how many?

I agree ... but it'd be interesting to know how any "-rate" is a process!!

This makes no sense at all. Sorry. =(

Poetry and

Rhyme -- sounds (and usually spellings) that are the same: hop bop rain plain ---------------- Rhythm -- arrangement of stressed and unstressed syllables in a line of poetry that creates a pattern (and often a "beat") The RAIN in SPAIN falls MAINly in the PLAIN

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