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Language Arts

Language Arts
What's the difference between A and B in your first question? The second one seems right, but which words are in italics?

Literature and Social Studies--Please, help me!
Are you the same Anonymous who posted this last night? Use the same ideas as I've given in the post linked above in order to develop your answers well. I have no idea about the songs (notice: no apostrophe), so the content wi...

Patience is needed.
Do not post your questions more than once. When a tutor with this expertise comes online, he/she will see your questions and respond.

computer Science
And you think the correct answer is ... ?

math literacy
(93.5 + 93.5 + 57 + 57) x 16 = ??m



1, 3, and 5 are correct. Don't use the others.

2, 3, 6, and 7 are correct. 5 is incorrect. The others are correct only if each direct object pronoun doesn't refer to the subject.

Writing (Writeacher!)
I think you need to turn things around in order to write full paragraphs for these questions. For #1 ~ Sentence 1: Martin Luther King, Jr., is remembered as a man of exceptional courage. Sentence 2: [Example of risking harm to himself and family] Sentence 3: [Example of riskin...


Social Studies and Literature
Be sure to add at least one example of each of the other two strategies, too.

OMG! You expect someone to do this entire assignment for you??

Social Studies--Literature
The question asks "How persuasive...? What will you write? And why do you think so? What aspects of his speech are especially compelling? Compelling to whom?

Social Studies--Literature
#1 is an opinion question. What do YOU THINK? Consider his audience ... who was in front of the Lincoln Memorial that day? Why was he making this speech? Once you figure those things out, you'll be ready to deal with #2.

Social Studies (Ms.Sue)
Did you read through the timeline in that link I gave you? Dr King and others were active well before the Montgomery bus boycott, but I think the bus boycott got the biggest news coverage because it lasted for a full year or so. Be sure to read through the 1955 and 1956 items ...

Social Studies (Ms.Sue)
That's because YOU need to write your own answer. Consider what you have already written in answer to that question. How will you revise it?

Chemistry? Physics? What??

Stop posting this same thing. =(

Standing water usually occurs after the rain has stopped. Running or rushing usually means it's still raining. Which are you envisioning?

Get rid of repetitive words. Make sure all subjects and verbs agree. In that last sentence, was the water STANDING on the road or running across the road?


U.S History
Do you understand every word in that quotation?

You're studying law, but you want someone else (not a lawyer) to do your assignment for you? I don't understand this. Do YOU have specific questions about all this?

world history
Probably about the same as Scottish convicts sent to the colonies (before the US became the US).

Social Studies (Ms. Sue)
It was a VERY important milestone in the civil rights movement, but it was not the start of it.

Social Studies (Ms. Sue)
The verb should be "led" not "lead" since you are phrasing it in past tense. The civil rights movement started before this, and her act was a planned one. It was still courageous, but it was all carefully planned, as was the year-long bus boycott that follo...

Read carefully; then let us know what you decide: and

Literature, Social Studies, and Music
No one here will write your assignment for you, but if you let us know what YOU THINK, someone here will be happy to critique your thinking and writing.

12th Grade Vocabulary Antonyms Practice
I don't know if there's any magic website for this, but if you have a list of words, think of at least one antonym for each one, and then look them up at to see if your antonyms are correct. Keep in mind that there are often more than one antonym for ...

If this is yours (there's more than one "anna" on these boards, I believe!), then what is it you don't understand?

COURSE HELP MEEE As many as you can fit in.

Terribly incomplete!

AP Anatomy and Physiology would be excellent, too.

In high school, these courses are usually called Algebra I Algebra II Geometry Pre-calculus AP Calculus Biology AP Biology Chemistry AP Chemistry Physics AP Physics Work with your counselor to make sure you take the required courses for graduation AND as many of these as possi...


social studies(CHECK ASNWERS)

English help
You are correct on the first one. In the future, it'd help greatly if you'd NUMBER the questions!

English Help - Steve
A is correct.

Art ~Help! Read, read, read, read ... and let us know what you discover.

Poem ~Help
This is the third time you've posted this. If anyone had a clue, you'd have been helped by now. Your best bet is to go to and search for poems with the theme you want.

I agree.

Probably monthly.

Identify the bolded portion of the following sentence. JACOB HAD TO BUY A NEW CELL PHONE after dropping his old one in the pool. A. Adverb clause B. Adjective clause C. Subordinate clause D. Independent clause I think it is a Subordinate clause incorrect Identify the bolded po...

Language Arts (Check answer)
What story?? Title? Author?

LA- need help
And what do YOU THINK about all this?

To Mpho
I removed your post because you included your phone number. That is not a safe thing to do online. If you want to post your question again, that's fine ... but do not include any personal information, including your phone number.

socialstudies(CHECK ANSWERS) I know very little about Mexico&#...

Someone here will be happy to check what YOU THINK the answers are. Have you read it? Have you googled the title to read about it? Best get busy!

That's not the correct use of "conflicts" as a verb. Here's a suggestion? This can include mental, physical, and emotional abuse that any member of a family inflicts on another member of the family.

PHI 103
See Related Questions below.

You'll need to decide if you are telling what happens or if you're describing a scene. Telling what happens is most effective if done in chronological order. Description needs to be organized in such a way that your readers' brains can envision the scene, so order ...

literature - typos??
This makes no sense: The story of The Wolf Chief Pontiac

Check out the Related Questions below.

Life Management: Please look, just give your opini
I'm not sure about 7 or 10. The rest seem correct to me.

See Related Questions below.

Maths lit,geo,science,l.o,life science,eng

maths literacy,business,economics,accounting

I'd start here and read, read, read: Then take 4 sheets of paper, one for each of the SWOT headings, and brainstorm ideas in each sect...

lit - incomplete

Here are some excellent ideas for writing argumentative essays. Follow their directions, step by step:

I have no idea. What do YOU want to say about gay marriage? Have you written the outline for your paper yet? In drafting your outline, you should come up with your thesis statement. Your thesis statement must include factual information plus your position/opinion/stance. With...

In brief, I decided to be honest.

Literary term
I've never heard of universality in any list of literary terms. Here's one of the most inclusive lists I know of: See definition 2 here:

What 3 did you find?

Response Evaluation (Writeacher!)
Overall, it's fine. Make sure the movie title is in italics each time you name it. --------------- Here are some things you need to fix though: The quotation marks in the first paragraph are used correctly. The quotation marks in the other paragraphs are not. Get rid of th...

Writing Evaluation (Writeacher)
Lose the quotation marks (unless you're actually quoting someone else and giving proper credit), and use a less slangy term here. "scary things" Proper uses of quotation marks: Why? Because I think it is....

Writing Evaluation (Writeacher)
Go over this with the same things in mind I told you about the other one. Revise, getting rid of any redundancies or wordiness.

Writing Evaluation (Writeacher)

Writing Evaluation (Writeacher)
Far better! You won't submit this with the opening and closing quotation marks, though, will you?

Writing Evaluation (Writeacher)
Better. Seems repetitive: Nonetheless ...Nevertheless Seems odd ... you never understood why, but then you explain why??? "pleasantly hilarious" -- please look up the meanings of both words and let me know why they don't seem to belong together. Overall, it's...

Writing Evaluation (Writeacher)
How can you revise this and turn it into 2 or 3 understandable sentences? However, when I think about it, the film The Sandlot, a 1993 American coming-of-age film directed by David M. Evans, which tells of the story of a group of young baseball players during the summer of 196...


I agree with Bob Pursley. Why would anyone do your assignment for you? Or ... do you have a question about this assignment? If so, please ask it. But don't expect others to do your work for you.

History If you can't find it, it could be false!!

No question here

world history
Which African society? ~~~ On another note, if you read Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart, you will see exactly what happened to one of the African cultures.

These are for the main clause, right? Not including any subordinate clauses?


=) Damon!

"to seize" is an infinitive ... it complements the main verb



There are others who didn't have such sketchy reputations! John McCartney Pete Seeger Phil Everly Peter Cetera Brad Delp and many others

1. Go to or 2. Type in marilyn manson (or whatever search terms you need). Press Enter. 3. Read different search results until you find what you need. 4. Re-search with different search terms if you don't find all you need.

Yep ... bye, Kitty. =(

Post it as a new question. Otherwise, it'll get lost in this thread.

Amber ... do NOT ask about schools on this website. It's not a safe thing to do online.

To: Anonymous
'salright, Steve! Kitty, however, turned lewd ... gone.

Kitty & Anonymous
Are you two BEGGING to be banned? If you want a place to chat socially, go to Facebook or Twitter or somewhere.

Subject area = ??
course codes don't mean much

Personal help Read, read, and let us know what you come up with.

American History

American History Read carefully and let us know what you decide.

There are two clauses here: the main clause and the subordinate clause ("because" and following). Tell me what you think the two verbs are, and I'll check your work.

I have no idea. What does JCAHO mean? What does your text say?

No, each person has to see what works. You should see your doctor if it doesn't clear up soon.

Maybe L-Lysine?

Plz help. :(
1. When are you going to learn that something other than the actual SUBJECT in the School Subject box won't get you faster replies? 2. What is there about Ms Sue's previous reply that is hard to understand?

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