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1. yes 2. no

1 could be right. I can't tell from one paragraph. 2 is correct.

English -- ??
What's your question about this?

It's too long to be haiku.

Any why are you asking to cheat on a test? A test is supposed to indicate what YOU have learned, not what others think. This is your only warning. Do not try to cheat like this again.

b.s.c = ?
What is your question?

P.E 2
1. Go to or 2. Type in pandanggo sa ilaw (or whatever search terms you need). Press Enter. 3. Read different search results until you find what you need. 4. Re-search with different search terms if you don't find all you need.

english Scroll down and study how to form plurals of compound nouns.

I think you need a chat room, not a homework website!! LOL!

Language Arts
I thought I had, but if not, please state clearly what your second question is.

Language Arts
Look up "denotation" and "connotation" here: Yes, there are many examples of imagery, connotation, and metaphor all through this poem. Study these webpages carefully

US History
You're welcome. =)

US History*

US History
Lots of evidence for B, though, right? =)

US History
I agree.

SCIENCE is your friend!*

@blah blah
Three laps in 1 minute 30 seconds! Read carefully!

6th grade AC math. Rates? I think
That sounds right, so in 1 minute (60 seconds), the horse ran 2/5 mile, right? Another way to express 2/5 is 0.4. 2/5 mile 4/10 mile 0.4 mile

Language Arts 7
From what I remember, your answers for 1-4 are correct. And yes, you need to look up the meaning of "conspire."

Reed is right. Use "who" because you're referring to people.

Medical terminology??
There are no tutors here who have expertise in this subject area. Please use your text, study materials, and a good search engine or two to find your answers. 1. Go to or 2. Type in ICD-10-CM codes (or whatever search terms you need). ...

english grammar
5. no 7. no 9. no The others are correct. Check the spelling of "between," though.

English Grammar
1. no 2. yes 3. yes 4. yes 5. yes 6. yes 7. no 8. yes 9. ?? 10. ??

English -- correction
In 3, "lunch" is used as the object of the preposition "to" -- an adverbial prepositional phrase modifying the phrasal verb "take out." ("to" not "of"!)

Yes, 1-3 all mean the same thing. In 3, "lunch" is used as the object of the preposition "of" -- an adverbial prepositional phrase modifying the phrasal verb "take out." And yes, 4-10 all mean approximately the same thing. There are a couple of ...

All the sentences are fine, yes. And yes, in both 3 and 4, "the lunch" means that particular meal that the two people just ate at a restaurant or cafe. You can either keep "the" with "lunch" or omit it -- either way works fine.

All the sentences are fine. It's an idiom that's been around a very long time! The "house," in this case, refers to the owners of the restaurant or pub or whatever.

History* Read LOTS. Then let us know what you think.

In case you need help: subordinate = dependent

If I enjoy the cruise, (dependent clause) and if I have enough money, I shall buy a yacht on which I shall continue to party until I drop Keep on labeling the clauses, and let us know what you discover.

ICT = ??* Let us know what you decide to write.

Relative Clauses and Pronouns
Purists would also write, "Jones is the man with whom I went bowling last Saturday." =) But really, deyond ng. What are the directions for this particular set of sentences?

social studies
What poem? Title and author, please.

No, not B.*

english Grammar
For help with verbs: For help with this particular singular/plural choice: (Notice the -s on the 3rd person singular form.)

la - cheater
What? You're expecting someone to GIVE you all the answers?? That's cheating, and if you try it again, you'll be heading toward being banned from this site.

Language Arts
1. Select the lines in which you find alliteration. Quote the alliteration. Explain what you think the effects of the alliteration are on the readers. 2. Select the lines in which you find repetition. Quote the repetition. Explain what you think the effects of the repetition ...

Which one of those is international?

1 and 2 are fine, and yes they mean the same thing. The word "with" is part of the idiom, to be happy with something (that is, to be happy about something). I'm not sure I can explain it! 3 and 4 are awkward, and I doubt they'd be used.

No one will know what 2 or 3 mean without context. Sentence 1 is best. All three of 4, 5, and 6 are commonly used, and yes, they mean the same thing.

3 is commonly used, even though there's an error. But in everyday speech, 3 is it!!

Social studies
Wow ... I need to re-space these to be able to read them. 1. Which of these is an example of capital resource? A. Workers B. Iron ore C. Entrepreneurs D. Computers 2. How does scarcity affect customers? A. Limited money forces consumers to make choices. B. Limited time ...

It sure doesn't help when we don't know what's underlined, does it?!?! <shaking my head>

Which part of the sentence is underlined? From "that" to the end of the sentence? If so, then it's not independent. If "Scientists report" is underlined, then yes, that's the independent clause.

Men might use "barber shop."

I always teach students to put that extra s in there when you can hear the two s's when you pronounce the possessive. class's (you should be able to hear it) This is the reading class's lunchtime. Hughes' (you don't hear the extra s) That was Howard Hughes...

Designing Specialty Areas
I agree with you.

You're still contradicting yourself. First you say "no one could blame you" but then later you say "you have degraded..." I'm sorry you saw fit to disregard my suggestions about writing this. Write what you want.

The first part of that first sentence, then, comes across as sarcasm, and it doesn't work -- because it contradicts everything else. Try this -- or something similar: I believe you have acted carelessly toward the younger generation by deluding them into thinking they need...

I don't understand why you're including this: "Surely no one could blame you for your careless acts" <~~That seems to contradict everything else you've written.

You're welcome!

Since Jiskha doesn't have a biology expert at this time, please try posting your question at this site. In addition, be sure to make really good use of KhanAcademy! Choose from the ...

Spanish* Read, read, read, and take good notes.

Look up "subjective" here: Then re-think.

Language Arts
You're welcome!

Language Arts
1. correct 2. correct 3. correct Nice job!

Math - Trigonometry
From bobpursley, one of our math tutors: It is 32.25 degrees. The 15' is 15 minutes. 60 min per degree. NO ONE does those anymore. They do decimals.

Social studies
Read through Related Questions below.

Who knows?

If you already have such information about the apps, then you might add personal details (little stories) about how each one has helped someone. You could be referring to yourself or a friend or a fictional person. I have no knowledge of these apps except a little bit about ...


Anonymous is incorrect. When you use 'dancing,' the present participle of the verb, it can serve as an adjective. In your sentences, 'dance' and 'dancing' are being used as adjectives to describe 'class,' not as subjects. Both your sentences are...


No ... an adverb. It tells WHERE the dog looked.

In your sentence 1, you'd use the second pronunciation Steve gave you for "complex." Both are fine to use as adjectives in your sentences, yes.

I've sent this to Sra. Please check back to see her reply.

I disagree.

I'd choose a, money!

Geography Let us know what you think.

Yes, there are two of them. on top of the historic rock Nice job!

LAnguage arts
Please read through Related Questions below.

World History
Elsa, please concentrate on your own work and let tutors handle these kinds of posts. This student is asking one of us to help him/her cheat. That is not allowed here.

World History
Nope! You write it and someone here may check it over for you, but no one here will write your assignment for you.

MUSIC HELPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, A.

SCIENCE - incomplete
What following ... ?? In any case, be sure to read through Related Questions below.

Read lots and read carefully:**

Who knows?

It looks as if a, c, and d would all be correct.

D is good, and so is B. It's up to what you read in your text.

Math! Help Hurry!
You really don't want me to help you with math!! Please have patience and wait for a math tutor.

Follow directions
On the Post a New Question page where you posted each of these, you should have read and followed these directions: Homework Posting Tips Please show your work. Tutors will not do your homework for you. Please show your work for any question that you are posting. You need to ...

Stop now!
You need to follow directions and post what YOU THINK about each of these math problems. If you continue to spam this board, you're heading toward being banned.

english answer check please, 4 questions The information here is according to the 8th edition of the MLA Handbook. Bookmark this website, and use the list at the left as your table of contents

What is your question?

Social Studies 6th grade

1 - 3 are correct. 4 and 5 are incorrect.


You're welcome, I think! Only two possibilities left ... you should find it easy now!

I disagree again. That's two wrong guesses. Please don't post about this question again.

I disagree with B, then.

"human wrist technique" <~~?? What does that mean?

Because "for the bus" is not telling what the dollars look like or are like. That phrase is not DESCRIBING the dollars. However, it is answering one of the questions that adverbs are used for: "Adverbs can be single words, or they can be phrases or clauses. ...

Does it tell why "I need"? If so, then it's adverbial.

I agree with your choices.

All these are very specific to what is in your text. Have you read it? We don't have access to your text, whether it's a textbook or an online text.

If you have read whatever this is (story? play? poem? or??), it should be really clear. Have you read it? Why did Azaz give Milo the letters?

LAnguage arts
No. That's two wrong guesses. Please don't post about this again.

LAnguage arts
You must need to look up some words that you're not 100% sure of. Also, be sure you are clear on who is speaking to whom. Look up these: beloved aspirations master passion gain engross

LAnguage arts
And you think ... ??

Comprehension No. What time of day is it "When the sun rises"? Be sure to look up all words that you are not completely sure of.

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