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hum 130
I need to find at least two effects organized religion has had on society, and provide examples from past or present. Have you considered laws? Such as marriage, divorce? Have you considered social organization, such as family activities at gatherings, clothes worn, etc? Have ...

physical chemistry
I calculated that the denaturation enthalpy and entropy changes for chymotrypsin are: H = 418 kj/mol S= 1.32 kj/mol(K) Assume that, in the denatuartd state, each amino acid had three possible orientations. estimate number of amino acid in chymotrypsin using the value of the de...

does asian americans and pacific islanders belong to a single asian american culture

are Asian Americans and pacif Islanders a model of minority

please i need help under this comment is the question thanks Answered below.

Science. plz help!!
What is the physical and chemical characteristics of the element neon? p.s- a really need help i'm not joking. oh yeah and thank you for your time! I think I answered this last night but it may not have been your question. Anyway, go to and click on ele...

What is the normal phase? Neon is a gas at room temp and pressure. yo mamma.

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