July 24, 2014

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Find the bisectors of the interior angles of the triangle whose sides are the line 7x+y-7=0, x+y+1=0 and x+7y-4=0. Please I really need help. I do not know how to do this problem

A moving point is always equidistant from (5,3) and the line 3x+y+5=0. What is the equation of its locus? Please help. how to do this problem?

Angular vleocity of a rotating object from 650degrees/s to 495degrees/s in 1.2 seconds. What is the angular acceleration

With the engines off, a spaceship is coasting at a velocity of +210 m/s through outer space. It fires a rocket straight ahead at an enemy vessel. The mass of the rocket is 1350 kg, and the mass of the spaceship (not including the rocket) is 2.5 106 kg. The firing of the rocket...

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