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what are some legal consequences of abusing stimulants
October 28, 2008

Thank you
October 26, 2008

Choose the probability as a fraction in lowest terms a.5/164490480 b.5/1370754 c.1/1370754 d.1/164490480 determine probability of winning a lottery from which 5 numbers are drawn without replacement from the set of numbers 1 to 46. in order to win, the 5 numbers must be ...
October 26, 2008

physical sciences
a thunderclap 200m away delivers 3.75E^-5 W/m^2 of sound. What is the sound level in decibels? What is the intensity of the sound at 10m from the thunderclap? What is the sound level in decibels 10m from the thunderclap?
October 21, 2008

how do you write an ode poem of minimun of 15 lines/
October 16, 2008

First u have a place value in front of u then u start to answer the question so 4is four hundred 23billion ninety billion 7hundred nine thousand.
September 12, 2008

If I put $5,000 in a CD for a miniumum of 3 years, the bank will offer 3.25% interest. How much interest will I earn after 6 years?
August 31, 2008

the rest of the question asks: what is the indicator when X= 1.5, 3.5, 6.1, 8.9?
April 8, 2008

fallow a drop o water through three states of matter. describe what is happening to the molecules as the water turns to gas than describe what is happening to the molecules when the water freezes into ice
March 4, 2008

fallow a drop of water through three states of matter. describe what is happening to the molecules as the water turns to gas than describe what happening to the molecules when the water freezes into ice
March 4, 2008

Do all sedimetary rocks react with Hydrochloric acid? Check this site for your answer.
August 9, 2007

Physics (pressure)
What is the total mass of the earth's atmosphere? The radius of the Earth is 6.37E6 m, and atmospheric pressure at the surface is 1.013E5 N/m^2 (or Pa). I tried this: 1.013E5 Pa = Mg/ pi(6.37E6)^2 1.013E5 Pa (denominator)= 9.8 M solve for M: I'm coming with different ...
May 3, 2007

social studies
what is the old japanese art of growing small trees called? bonsai
April 1, 2007

I need to learn the different meters and rhyming patterns of poetry?? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all is a pdf file: 1. 2. 3. http://en....
March 20, 2007

i forgot to post these! f(x)=9x+4 and listed in interval notation also: f(x) x2+14x+40 in interval notation and: 1/x^2+81 (interval notation) and: x+11/x^2-121 (interval notation) and: f(x+2) f(x)=6x^2-x+7 You have listed a lot of functions but have said nothing about what the...
March 14, 2007

This is like the other one I posted about. I have to predict the product. Zinc (s) + sulfuric acid (aq) ----> ____ Please and thank you! This is a single replacement type reaction. Products are ZnSO4 and H2. Same type as Al and HCl. how do you know that H2 is alone instead ...
February 27, 2007

Can someone please help me with this problem? Predict the products. Aluminum(s) + hydrochloric acid (aq) ---> ________ aluminum chloride + hydrogen Correct. AlCl3 and H2 thanks
February 27, 2007

Can someone please help me do this problem? That would be great! Simplify the expression: sin theta + cos theta * cot theta I'll use A for theta. Cot A = sin A / cos A Therefore: sin A + (cos A * sin A / cos A) = sin A + sin A = 2 sin A I hope this will help. in my algebra...
February 18, 2007

Social Studies
I am doing a descriptive writting report on a famous place in Europe and I chose the Louvre Museum. I can't seem to find really any information can you help me? Thanks! Try a travel guide website like Frommer's or lonelyplanet
January 18, 2007

Can somebody please help me with these problems? Factor the expression on the left side of each equation. Then solve. 1)x^4-5x^2+4=0 2)x^4-8x^2+16=0 Please and thank you! 1) let y = x^2, then y^2-5y+4=0 (y-4)(y-1)=0 y = 4 or y = 1 x^2 = 4 or x^2 = 1 x = -2, +2, -1, +1 same ...
January 4, 2007

We must truly become our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers. Is this written correctly? OR should it be We must truly become our borther's and sister's keepers. OR We must truly become our brother and sisters' keepers. Because the statement applies ...
December 28, 2006

Linear Equations
Directions: Use what is given to write an equation of a line in STANDARD, SLOPE-INTERCEPT, AND POINT-SLOPE form. 1. m = 3 (0,4) s=B4=3 si=3x+4 ps=y-4=3x Are we doing these correctly? I do not know what those forms mean, but if the line goes through (0,4) with slope 3, the ...
December 20, 2006

"The Great Rot Hunt" - Are these right. 1. The traps that Father set did not work because they were (d.) not set correctly. 2. The narrator retionalizes killing the rat by comparing it to a (c.) deer. 3. The narrator realizes that, to his father, success in sports is...
December 20, 2006

Word bank: locality, finally, legally, equality, fatality, actually, really, totally, mentally, morally, nationally, punctuality, generally, personality, individually, originality, practically, formality, technicality, sentimentality completely (S)________?totally physically (...
December 13, 2006

first is to last as originally is to _____ storm is to weather as outgoing is to ____ heavens is to sky as virtually is to _____ text is to script as ethically is to _____ white is to black as copy is to ____ detail (S) for it ______?orginality Do you have a word bank or ...
December 13, 2006

Math - Bases
I'm looking for help with these maths problems
October 29, 2006

The Holocaust
I need some important facts about the Ghettos in the Holocaust. AMOUNT OF FOOD GIVEN EACH DAY the ghettos depending on whitch area you are talking about where mostly small apartments on what was the poor side of town (before the Nazis). they where small, dirty, and the stuck 1...
June 15, 2005

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