April 27, 2015

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Quantitative Methods
thx for your help, i had that for a but for b i use p(a) = 1-p(b) and for c i used P(a or b) = .25 + .35 = 60 and for d i caluculated that p(a): 1-.25 =.75 p(b): 1-.35 = .65 then i multiplied the two .75*.65=.4875 = 48.75% I really appreciate your assistance
March 18, 2009

Quantitative Methods
Assume you have applied to two different universities (lets refer to them as Universities A and B) for your graduate program. In the past 25% of students (with similar credentials as yours) who applied to University A were accepted, while University B accepted 35% of the ...
March 18, 2009

March 16, 2009

x+y=670 7x+5y=3740 __________ -7x-7y=4690 -2y=-900 y=450 i dont get this at all, can somebody please explain? thanks(:
February 9, 2009

math algebra please help!
my teacher: me: (1) x+y=670 " ? " (2) 7x+5y=3740 somebody please __________ explain this to me (1) -7x-7y=4690 step by step, thanks:) -2y=-900 y=450
February 9, 2009

math, algebra please help!
-7x-7y= 4690
February 9, 2009

factor 100x^2 - 81
October 2, 2008

Write 9+7 as a sum of three numbers, two of which add to 10.
September 23, 2008

10th grade
wats a abstract noun for these: 1.quaterback 2.scream 3.perfume 4.pepper 5.bruise 7.binoculars 8.teeth 9.lamb
August 27, 2008

how did king leopold develop his image as a great humanitarian leader?
October 30, 2007

How did King Leopold develop his image as a great humanitarian leader?
October 30, 2007

colonialism in the congo: Conquest, conflict and commerce study guide part 2
October 30, 2007

why did leopold want to defeat the swahili traders in the eastern areas?
October 30, 2007

Let A= [7 -4 4] [-4 5 0] [4 0 9] a) Orthogonally diagonalize A b) Use answer from a) to construct a spectral decomposition for A. c) Suppose that x=[1 2 1] and let u be the eigen vector from a) corresponding to the largest eigen-value of A. If W=Span {u}, then use b) to ...
July 28, 2007

I have been trying to understand why they are important now for hours and I only get more confused as i go
December 27, 2006

Using the index of a series as the domain and the value of the series as the range, is a series a function? Include the following in your answer: Which one of the basic functions (linear, quadratic, rational, or exponential) is related to the arithmetic series? Which one of ...
October 29, 2006

Clearly nothing has changed since 2007 cause I'm looking for help for the same question and it's now June 2010. Geez!
July 20, 2006

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