July 22, 2014

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Science Fair
If I were to weigh the hamburgers, compare that to the amount of fat shown on the nutrition guide, then find a percentage of it, would that work? Then, I would add the catsup, mayo, and mustard, weigh those, find that percentage and add them to the hamburger. Then I could weig...

Science Fair
Thanks, I might have talk to my teacher to get some more ideas.

Science Fair
Yes, I figured that out, but it has to be some sort of experiment. And adding up the calories and fat grams isn't really an experiment. So, is there any way I can form this into an experiment? I was hoping somebody would have an idea on that. And Thanks! Yes I do know what...

Science Fair
I'm planning on doing a science fair project, but it has to involve an experimen. I wanted to do it on how adding mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard to a small hamburger at McDonalds can so much fat to it that it can make it as bad as a big hamburger without the mayo, ketchu...

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