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Could I use both plural and singular in my short story? The assignment does not say which one to use just that it has to be in first person.

In writing a fictional story, is first person me, myself, I? what other first person words can we use for the story?

Just some homework. Would like to know if I am right, thanks. 1. Adding salt of a weak acid to a solution of the weak acid: a)lowers the concentration of the nonionized acid and the concentration of the H30+ b)lowers the concentration of the nonionized acid and raises the conc...

A few chemistry
I got the rest of the homework, but these are confusing me so much...ugghhhh. 1. The pH of a .400 M solution of iodic acid, HlO3, is .726 at 25 degrees C. What is the Ka(acid constant) at this temperature? 2. The pH of a .150 M solution of HClO is found to be 4.55 at 25 degree...

9^2x = 3^x+6 x+6-6=0 x+6 -6 you subtract 6 which is why I thought the answer was -6 since 0 wasn't right. 9^2x= 3^4x 3^4x= 3^(x+6) 4x = x + 6 solve for x. You need a tutor quickly.

once more
Is the answer to 9^2x = 3^x+6 is it -6? No. Let me see your work. 9^2x= 3^4x

correct answer now?
Is the solution for log sub 3 1/9 = x does x = -2? Is the answer for 9^2x = 3^x+6 is it 0? Yes, No

confirm math answers
I have 3 problems I need my answers confirmed for. The solution for log subscript 3 1/9 = x is the solution -1/2? Secondl, what is the solution for 9^2x = 3^x+6 does x=2? Lastley is the answer to 3 ^5x+2 = 81 does x= 2/5? Help sincerely appreciated! The solution for log subscr...

Chemistry Test Tomorrow
I don't actually have problems, but I have a test over stoichiometry tomorrow, which is pretty much going to determine my semester grade. I was just wondering if anyone knew any helpful tips, hints, or just an easier way to explain the basics of stoichiometry to me, becaus...

Chemistry Questions!!
I was sick for 2 days, and that's really not good in any chemistry class, let alone mine, which is an advanced one. I don't know what I was thinking when I tried to be smart, but I really need help. It's pretty basic, I think, so anyone..? Also, I really have tried...

ok this your supposed to use the quadratic formula i think... ok a tunnel is 4 m wide and 4 m high. /|\ / | \ /__|__\ 4m and a truck is 2 m wide and has to drive through it (Through the middle). what is the maximum height that the truck can be? if your can help PLEASE do!! eve...

Eth/125 Sucks!! These questions make no sense, everything is so vague. I hope that my class also finds this site! Maybe we will be able to help one another through this crazy class!! Good Luck to all!! I cannot wait to get the heck out of this ethics class.

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