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Axia online college, and I agree with you about this assignment. Anyone can do this chart if they wish. I just need something to compair my answers to for the essay part.

I have to in turn do this same table and make the comparison in a short essay. I just need someone to help me with the table and do one or two for my comparison. once I get that done and the essay i will come back and post the essay for you to view. Thanks

Give a copy of Appendix D to a friend or family member and ask that person to complete the table contained therein. In doing so, your chosen participant will consider what he or she thinks are the common United States-centric viewpoints on Muslim and Arab American and Christia...

Cultural Diversity
what is the difference of grouping people and stereotyping of people? please list an example of each one.

Thanks for the tips...

Could I use both plural and singular in my short story? The assignment does not say which one to use just that it has to be in first person.

In writing a fictional story, is first person me, myself, I? what other first person words can we use for the story?

Just some homework. Would like to know if I am right, thanks. 1. Adding salt of a weak acid to a solution of the weak acid: a)lowers the concentration of the nonionized acid and the concentration of the H30+ b)lowers the concentration of the nonionized acid and raises the conc...

A few chemistry
I got the rest of the homework, but these are confusing me so much...ugghhhh. 1. The pH of a .400 M solution of iodic acid, HlO3, is .726 at 25 degrees C. What is the Ka(acid constant) at this temperature? 2. The pH of a .150 M solution of HClO is found to be 4.55 at 25 degree...

9^2x = 3^x+6 x+6-6=0 x+6 -6 you subtract 6 which is why I thought the answer was -6 since 0 wasn't right. 9^2x= 3^4x 3^4x= 3^(x+6) 4x = x + 6 solve for x. You need a tutor quickly.

once more
Is the answer to 9^2x = 3^x+6 is it -6? No. Let me see your work. 9^2x= 3^4x

correct answer now?
Is the solution for log sub 3 1/9 = x does x = -2? Is the answer for 9^2x = 3^x+6 is it 0? Yes, No

confirm math answers
I have 3 problems I need my answers confirmed for. The solution for log subscript 3 1/9 = x is the solution -1/2? Secondl, what is the solution for 9^2x = 3^x+6 does x=2? Lastley is the answer to 3 ^5x+2 = 81 does x= 2/5? Help sincerely appreciated! The solution for log subscr...

Chemistry Test Tomorrow
I don't actually have problems, but I have a test over stoichiometry tomorrow, which is pretty much going to determine my semester grade. I was just wondering if anyone knew any helpful tips, hints, or just an easier way to explain the basics of stoichiometry to me, becaus...

Chemistry Questions!!
I was sick for 2 days, and that's really not good in any chemistry class, let alone mine, which is an advanced one. I don't know what I was thinking when I tried to be smart, but I really need help. It's pretty basic, I think, so anyone..? Also, I really have tried...

ok this your supposed to use the quadratic formula i think... ok a tunnel is 4 m wide and 4 m high. /|\ / | \ /__|__\ 4m and a truck is 2 m wide and has to drive through it (Through the middle). what is the maximum height that the truck can be? if your can help PLEASE do!! eve...

Eth/125 Sucks!! These questions make no sense, everything is so vague. I hope that my class also finds this site! Maybe we will be able to help one another through this crazy class!! Good Luck to all!! I cannot wait to get the heck out of this ethics class.

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