August 31, 2016

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what is 65% of 350? Multiply 0.65 by 350. That will be the answer.
June 22, 2007

2 Questions. 1. If you wished to produce a sound with a wavelenght in air equal to the length of the room, 10m, what would be its frequency? 2.You note a 4.0 second delay for an echo in a canyon. What is the distance to the wall of the canyon? 1. Use the same formula as in ...
April 11, 2007

Radio amateurs are permitted to communicate on the "10 meter band." What frequency of radio waves corresponds to a wavelengthy of 20m? (The speed of radio wave is 3.00 x 10(8)m/s). Can you help me with setting up the formula? frequency = (wave speed)/(wavelength) ...
April 10, 2007

riddle - please help
My child was given this riddle as a homework assignment. We are stumped. Q: "The skydiver had fries and a milkshake,why was he nervous?" A: "Because he was _ _(2lett.word) _ _(2lett.word) _ _ _(3lett.word) _ _ _(3lett.word). " Unscramble the letters below ...
January 21, 2007

using digits 1-9 only once, multiply a 3 digit by a 2 digit number and get a 4 digit result 12*345=4140? looks ok to me. the answer would have to be 6789 or some order of those digits if you used the others in the question. digits 1-9 used only once, no zeroes. The digits can ...
November 28, 2006

Distributive property
ummmmmmmm so it ur damn self
September 20, 2006

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