December 5, 2016

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I have a trapezoid where the height is 16m, the base is 20m,and the area is 224m squared. what is the legnth of the other base The area is equal to the height times the average of the bases. Since the Area is 224 and ...
February 16, 2007

I made a mistake in my problem . can you take me step by step on how to solve this problem 2x+3y=6 (forx) 2x+3y=6 (forx) (subtract 3y to both sides) 2x=6-3y (divide both sides by 2) x=3-3/2y This what I got.
February 16, 2007

Need help with this problem, 2x+y=6 solve for y 2x+y=6 subtract 2x from both sides. 2x-2x+y=6-2x combine terms y=6-2x
February 16, 2007

discrete mathematics
Prove that a square of an integer ends with a 0, 1, 4, 5 6 or 9. (Hint: let n = 10k+c, where c = 0, 1, …,9)
January 22, 2007

math check please
Approximately 4 out of every 10 students at Sonia's college live on campus. The college has 3,000 students. 1. How many of them live on campus? A 1,200 students 2. Write the proportion 21 is to 33 as 63 is to 99. A. 21/33 =63/99 3. is this fraction proportional? 3/11=7/19 ...
January 18, 2007

math check please
would some please check this for me. An important fact to consider is that a person needs to burn off 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound. The following table shows the number of calories burned per hour (cal/h) for a variety of activities, where the figures are based on a 150-...
January 8, 2007

math check please
the ratio of 5 3/5 to 2 1/10 18/5 divid by 21/10 18/5 x 10/21 6/1 X 2/7 12/7=12:7 could some one tell me if this is correct ? yes. the ratio of 5 3/5 to 2 1/10 Would you take a look at this? I think 5 3/5 = 28/5 and not 18/5. how do you make a divide sighn on the computer?
January 7, 2007

mercedes is 2 years old mario is 34 years old
December 23, 2006

what is noncoplanar points The are not in the same plane.
December 18, 2006

im so stupid, uhh whats 1 plus 1 is it 11? I'm sorry--that was not me. I am trying to get some help understanding the problems. I am not stupid. 1 + 1 = 2 1 + 10 = 11 And I guess we could make a joke about 1 + 1 being 11 if we were so inclined. Someone getting smart alecky...
December 17, 2006

I NEED TO SOLVE FOR Y AND X im getting rele confused on this. ok here is the prob. x+y=5 x-2y=-4 equation 1 x+y=5 equation 2 x-2y=-4 Multiply equation 1 by -1. Add equation 1 to equation 2. The x term cancels. Solve for y. THEN, put the value of y into either equation and ...
December 17, 2006

now i have to solve for y. i already no that x=-1. y=-1-2 y=3(-1)+2 -1 -2 = -3 3(-1)+2 = -3 +2 = -1 THANX I WAS SO CONFUSED ON THAT
December 17, 2006

Solve for each system and equations. y=-x-2 y=3x+2 set -x-2=3x+2 solve for x. thanx i was minusing 2 instead of adding two thanx alot
December 17, 2006

8 runners are entered in the 1000-meter run. How many different first, second, and third place finishes could possibly occur? Is the answer 24? No. 8x7x6 = 336 The first place can be any of eight. For each first place possibility, there are seven possible second place ...
December 14, 2006

8 runners are entered in the 1000 meter run. How many different first, second, and third place finishes could possibly occur? Is the answer 24? I think that would be a reasonable answer. Way low. I think 8*7*6=336 permutations
December 14, 2006

Deforestation and Wildlife
What are relationships between deforestation and wildlife extinction? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. With deforestation the animals lose their habitat. Here is an interesting site: Here is a good site on deforestation: ...
December 7, 2006

How many different three-digit numbers can be written using the digits 4, 5, 6, and 7? Use each digit only once in a number. Is the answer---24 different 3-digit numbers? I did this the long way--Is there a short equation to use for this? Thank you! You have four digits: The ...
December 4, 2006

Substitution Method in Algebra!HELP PLZ!
November 5, 2006

Find a quick and easy method to compute the sum of the first 100 counting numbers. I can't use a calculator. I can't figure out an easy way. 1+2+3+4+5...........98+99+100 Carl Freidrich Gauss had no idea as to how famous his name would become when he solved a seemingly...
October 3, 2006

what are the gases that constitute the air in a refinery Are you talking about what is inside the refinery column (petroleum derivatives), the intake gas (the atmosphere) or the effluent/exhaust (from the stacks?)
September 22, 2006

Write the equation of exchange. Define each variable in the equation and then explain why the left side of the equation must equal the right. MV=PQ Take a shot, what does it mean an why must the left = the right.
July 13, 2006

Weird question.........H.W due in tomrrow...quick
i saw it jai. :D
June 14, 2005

Perfect!!! :P
June 13, 2005

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