March 26, 2017

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August 26, 2010

Physics - Optics
A photographic slide is to the left of a lens. The lens projects an image of the slide onto a wall which is a distance of 5.94 m to the right of the slide. The image is larger than the size of the slide by a factor of 82.0. How far is the slide from the lens? Is the image ...
July 17, 2007

Physics II
As a new electrical technician, you are designing a large solenoid to produce a uniform magnetic field with a magnitude of 0.170 T near the center of the solenoid. You have enough wire for 3300 circular turns. This solenoid must have a length of 1.70 m and a diameter of 23.0 ...
July 10, 2007

Physics II
Three identical resistors are connected in series. When a certain potential difference is applied across the combination, the total power dissipated is 18.0 W. What power would be dissipated if the three resistors were connected in parallel across the same potential difference...
July 5, 2007

You pull a simple pendulum of length L to the side through an angle of 3.50 degrees and release it. How much time does it take the pendulum bob to reach its highest speed? How much time does it take if the pendulum is released at an angle of 1.75 degrees instead of 3.50 ...
April 17, 2007

The star has a mass n_1 times that of the planet, which orbits this star. For a person on the planet, the average distance to the center of the star is n_2 times the distance to the center of the planet. In magnitude, what is the ratio of the star's gravitational force on ...
April 10, 2007

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