July 22, 2014

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Conservatives love to teach and you decide. Liberals love to teach and enforce their views on you. They even make it a law. There is one thing I am learning about liberals, they must attend a school of learning in how to talk over your head. No matter how long you teach them w...

I have done my draft. i have my reasons..i just cant think of an introduction and how to put my reasons in there

I need help with having to write an introduction on a persuasive essay about how smoking should be outlawed

if the submaine has an area of 4.5m X 2.3m and is 304.8m below sea level. what is the pressure exerted on the submaine by the water above it? And that the density of the seawater is 113.4 kg/m2

History Paper
I think it might have started to stop interracial marriage.

spelling and vocabulary
How do you pick and answer what is the "basic" word in a sentence? As in "The bus had a flat tire".?:?

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