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Sonya spent 3/8 of her money and then $15 left. How money did Sonya originally have?

Identities r everywhere!!! :/, thank you 4 the info appreciated

Convert from polar to rectangular r=3cos2theta

Selena noticed that the sand at the beach seemed much warmer than the water. She wondered whether that was because water took more enrgy to heat up than land. I don't understand. What I would like to know here, is what would be the dependent and independent variable. And w...

My teacher said that it was very good!! ~~~~ Thx !!~~~~

Thank you Ms.Sue!!~~ That helped me a lot with me homework !!~~~~Thx !!~~~~

she goes fast it had seen it's shadow I read a biography book in class about Helen Keller. what a document folder is

My teacher told my to do all these sentences over but i don't know what is wrong with them ?? Well here are the sentences : I need a radar for my aunt because she drives way to fast. In gifted and talented I wrote a story about a groundhog that saw it's shadow. We get ...

1st grade
i go to scott elementary school That will be changed to I go to Scott elementary school.

he is Two

My baby can read My baby cousin has that and it knows how to read very very good !!

a ski slope on a mountain has an angle of elevation of 25.2 degrees. the vertical height of the slope is 1808 feet. how long is the slope?

I need help figuring out these two math word porblem: 1) A sales tax of 6% of the cost of a car was added to the purchase price of $29,500. a. how much was the sales tax? b. What is the total cost of the car, including sales tax? 2) During the packaging process for oranges, sp...

place value what is standard form and what is expanded form

If you have a 12.01g sample carbon. What would be the average mass of a carbon atoms if it is 1.994 x 10 to the 23 power g. How many carbon atoms are in the sample?

In a class of 30 chemistry students, 17 of the students are female. What percentage of students is female?

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