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what's the discussion for determine BaCl2.2H2O in lab report

i dont understand this part:dt/(t^2 + 1) = (1/2)ln(t^2 + 1)

assume that during the first 3 minutes after a foreign substance is introduced into the blood,the rate R'(t) at which new antibodies are produced(in thousands of antibodies per minute) is given by R'(t)=t/(t^2+1) where t is in minutes.find the total quantity of new ant...

Last semester, a certain professor gave 36 As out of 390 grades. If one of the professor's students from last semester were selected randomly, what is the probability that student received an A? (Assume that each student receives one grade.)

a 2 centimeter diameter ball of 50 grams rolls at constant velocity across a table. it takes 4 seconds to travel 3 meters. Sketch graph of horizontal position, velocity and acceleration.

Write a quadractic equation having given equations? -9,9i

Ap World
what does colonial legacy mean?

The question is: In the journal provided, prepare year- end adjustments for the following situations. Omit explanations. a. accrued interest on notes receivable is $105 b. of the $12,000 received in advance of earning a service, one third was still unearned by year end. c. thr...

Would Culture, Heroism, and Supernatural Forces in Beowulf be a good topic for an expository essay on Beowulf being an epic poem?

Consider that the age, x, of a unicorn in human equivalent years can be given by the formula f(x) = - 0.001618x4 + 0.057326x3 – 1.1367x2 + 11.46x + 2.914. When a unicorn is 2.5 years old, what is its age in human equivalent years? What about when it is 12 years old?

1. The time it takes a student to cycle to school is normally distributed with a mean of 15 minutes and a variance of 2. The student has to be at school at 8.00a.m. At what time should the student leave her house so that she will be late only 4% of the time? 2. In a study for ...

geometry (high school)
if there are two tangent circles that have two external tangent lines that intersect at a 60 degree angle, what is the ratio of the radii.

Math homework
when given 5,5,5,5,5 using the order of operations and parenthesesto make a true expression where would i place my -,+ *,/ to make the answer equal 1

Hi, I have to use algebra to find the coordinates of the point where two lines intersect, the first line passes through the points 4,3 and 10,0 and the second line is y=6. Any ideas would be very much appreciated, many thanks

Hi, I have a linear model with equation p =5.1t - 28, which concerns breeding pairs of birds where p is the number of breeding pairs and t is the year. I need to use this model to estimate the number of breeding pairs in year 15. I would assume to do this I just need to insert...

Could someone tell me the solution for x^2 - 3x = 0, i know x = 3 but I just need to know how to get there please

what would be the significance of the photoelectric effect graph if it a) passed through the origin b) had a positive y intercept

how to write instructions for turning someone into a toad

When two digits of thbase 10 representation of an inteer are intercharged, the diference bewen the old number and the new number is divisible by 9. Why? What happens in other bases? 10A + B - 10B -A= difference. This reduces to 9A - 9B 9(A-b)= difference. Of course it is divis...

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