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Which one would be correct? "We have to answer the question, right?" "We have to answer the question right?" Thank you.

One day we decided to dive from town A to town B. In order to get there we had to drive through town B and then town C. it is 10 miles farther from town A to town B then it is to town B to C. It is 10 miles farther from town B to town C than it is from town C to town D. It is ...

Imagine that you are designing a circular curve in a highway that must have a radius of 330 ft and will carry traffic moving at 60 mi/h. a) At what angle should the roadbed be banked for maximum safety? b) If the roadway is not banked, what would the necessary coefficient of s...

A car is traveling counterclockwise along a circular bend in the road with an effective radius of 200 m. At a certain instant, the car’s speed is 20 m/s, but it is slowing down at a rate of 1.0 m/s^2. What is the magnitude of the car’s accel...

simplify 9 power of two= 9-power of two= (one nineth) power of two= (one nineth) - power of two= -9 power of two= (-9) power of two = help please

algebra 2
add. (4x power of 2xy+y power of two)(-x power of two - 3 xy+4y power of two)= help please


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