July 30, 2014

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[1%] CHI SQUARE TEST OF INDEPENDENCE: Of a sample of 80 single and married women surveyed, we obtained the following data as to the sizes of cars each one owns (assuming 1 car per person). Test whether car size is independent of marital status at the .01 significance level. Co...

[1.5%] ANOVA: Three groups of 5 students were tested in their ability to correctly answer a 10-question quiz under different formats. Group 1 had a True/False quiz, Group 2 had a Fill-In quiz, and Group 3 had a Multiple Choice quiz. Their scores were as follows: True/False Fil...

[1.5%] TWO SAMPLE HYPOTHESIS TEST FOR PROPORTION: Before starting his campaign for mayor, Mr. Emory Board decided to do a study to see if there was a difference in the proportion of registered men and women voters who actually vote (so he would know whom to target his campaign...

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