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EF is a median of isosceles trapezoid ABCD. Find EF if AB is equal to 3 inches, and CD is equal to 11 inches.
May 25, 2010

what is the value of a word
May 17, 2010

A train is sounding a horn of constant frequency shows down as it nears a station. What change in pitch is heard by a commuter standing in the station?
May 3, 2010

Intro to LAN technologies
58. You have been contracted to build a network for a multimedia development firm that currently uses a 10-Mbps Ethernet network. The company requires a high-bandwidth network for the multimedia team, which constantly views and manipulates large files across the network. The ...
March 14, 2010

What is the acceleration of the system if both blocks have a mass of 5.0 kg, and the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.11? [___/4] (b) Determine the tension in the rope.
March 5, 2010

using the strap at an angle of 31° above the horizontal, a Grade 12 Physics student, tired from studying, is dragging his 15 kg school bag across the floor at a constant velocity. (a) If the force of tension in the strap is 51 N, what is the normal force on the bag? image...
March 5, 2010

1)The difference of potential between terminals of a battery is 6V. How much work is done when a series of negative charges totaling 0.5 C are moved from one terminal to another? 2) Two parallel metal plates have opposite charges and a difference of potential of 1000V between ...
February 27, 2010

7th grade
how many diffent arts are there in the whole world
February 4, 2010

how mant difernet arts pices are there
February 3, 2010

human resources management
my assignment is to answer the following questions about a new employee training program for the position that i selected which is social human services assistant what types of issues indicate a need for training, from what source would these issues be identified. how would ...
January 20, 2010

(Simple Spending Multiplier) Suppose that the MPC is 0.8, while investment, government purchases, and net exports sum to $500 billion. Suppose also that the government budget is in balance. a. What is the sum of saving and net taxes when desired spending equals real GDP? ...
December 10, 2009

need help with fractions
October 18, 2009

6th grade
please explain input and output
September 21, 2009

What effect do each of these have on the freezing point of the solvent? a. a nonvolatile solute that dissociates in the solvent b. a volatile solute that does not dissociate c. two solutes that react according to the equation: A+B---> C Please explain why.
June 23, 2009

If you place an aqueous solutions of CuBr2 (which is then Cu(H2O)4 2+) with solid KBr added to it in a hot water bath what do you observe and why?
June 21, 2009

If you add Na2CO3 and AgNO3 together in a test tube what exactly would you observe and what would be the equation for the equilibrium system? If you then add HNO3 to the solution what exactly would you observe and what would be the equation for that reaction?
June 20, 2009

Writing Essays
Im writing an essay and i have to include quotes with citations. if i wanted to include this quote: Dr. David M. Kent, founder of Lifestyle Lift, states, “It warms my heart to see two of our surgeons take part in such a noble cause." What would be the citation if i ...
January 14, 2009

chem lab
In a pottasium permanganate and oxalic acid titration..why do we add sulfuric acid to the oxalic acid solution and then boil it before titrating??
January 12, 2009

Why do we use a boiling solution when carrying out oxidation- reduction titration?
January 12, 2009

when aluminum metal reacts with iron (III) oxide to form aluminum oxide and iron metal, 429.6 kJ of heat are given off for each mole of aluminum metal consumed, under constant pressure and standard conditions. What is the correct value for the standard enthalpy of reaction in ...
December 2, 2008

yeah thats what i mean...but u cant plug in zero because it is not normal at the origin only goes through it..n the derivative is addition...
December 1, 2008

find an equation for a line that is normal to the graph y=e^x*x and goes through the origin.
December 1, 2008

how do you write the formula for an oxoacid..for example bromic acid?
November 18, 2008

A rectangle is to be inscribed under the arch of the curve y=4cos(.5x) from x=-pi to x=pi. What are the dimensions of the rectanlge with the largest area and what is the largest area? please explain.
November 15, 2008

its not just cosx...its cosx=x
November 13, 2008

the equation cosx=x has a solution in what interval?...the answer is given as [0,pi/2] can someone please explain why?? thnks
November 13, 2008

what 2 characteristics do earth and moon share. have not atmostphere and rotate on an axis rotate on an axis and revolve around a larger body revolve arounda larger body and have seasons have season and a solid surface
October 16, 2008

will the anhydrous mass be less as well?
October 12, 2008

In the experiment, a hydrate is heated to form an anhydrate. The masses of the before and after are measured and the percent of the water in the hydrate is calculated. If some of the hydrate spatters out of the crucible and isnt noticed, how will this affect the calculated ...
October 12, 2008

com 220
identify example of bias fallacies and specific rhetorical devices in the speech how did the speacher address arguments and counter arguments ? were the speacher's argument effective explain your answers.
September 28, 2008

help unscramble lesfat
September 21, 2008

Thank for your help Ms. Sue. I do not have anything written down at the moment.
October 14, 2007

Critically analyze Greek and Rome philosophical, political and social contirbution to contemporary western civilization
October 14, 2007

Is giardiasis transmitted through direct and indirect contact with infected fecal material or by touching the moist lining of the eyes and nose? Isn't it transmitted through direct and indirect contact with infected fecal matter?
April 15, 2007

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