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Mrs. Marble gave her 5th grade class a math test. The scores reflect a relatively normal distribution. The mean score for the group was 80 with a standard deviation of 8. Based upon this information, answer the following questions: Bobby scored exactly two standard deviations ...

Stu has $21.40 in dimes and quarters for a totl of 100 coins. How many of each kind of coin does he have?

A JET FLIES WITH THE WIND AT 1100km/hr and 750 km/hr against the same wind. Find the rate of the wind and speed of the plane PLEASE INCLUDE THE EQUATION OR SET FOR SOLUTION

In a math contest each team is asked 50 questions. The team earns 15 points for each correct answer and loses 8 for each incorrect answer. One team finished with 566 points. How many questions id the team answer correctly?

Wild rice sells for $6 pound, and plain rice sells for $1 per pound. A grocer wants 10 pounds if the mixture to sell for $2 per pound. How much of each type should he used?

okay, that makes sence... Thank you so much Ms. Sue

What does it mean to say "I don't want to sound to hostile"???? Please answer in small words so that I can understand, sorry if that sounds rude but I am dyslexic.

what is an easy definition for the word "accent"?

2/5g = 3/5 Thanks

Math Help
I have to use one variable in an equation. How?

You are fantastic. So fast. Thanks. So 14.5 divided by 4 friends will be 3.625 so the answer will be 4 each one. Right?

Caleb is holding a metal block in his hand. What could he do to decrease the thermal energy of the block? a) cool it b) drop it c) hit it d) melt it

thank you for your help

I need synonymous and antonyms of 1) bluster 2) commentary 3) facet 4) synopsis 5) tarry 6) setback 7) fidelity I need this seven words to finish my homework . Pleaseeeee

I didn't understand Ms. Sue. Please can you explain to me how can you get this answer. Thank you for your time.

A Japanese beetle has a length between 0.3 and 0.5. Find two lengths that are within the given span. Write them as fractions in simplest form.

The annual inventory cost C for a manufacturer is C=(1,008,000/Q)+6.3Q where Q is the order size when the inventory is replenished. Find the change in annual cost when Q is increased from 350 to 351, and compare this with the instantaneous rate of change when Q=350.

A ball is thrown straight down from the top of a 220-foot building with an initial velocity of -22 feet per second. What is its velocity after 3 seconds? What is its velocity after falling 108 feet?

Find k such that the line is tangent to the graph of the function. Function: f(x)=kã(x) Line: y=x+4

Determine the point(s) (if any) at which the graph of the function has a horizontal tangent line for y=(3^1/2)x+2cos(x), 0¡Üx<2¦Ð

how to figure possible set of scores for 15 students that would result in the class average of 66

George Wilkins checked the spreadsheet where he keeps track of his assets and liabilities. He discovered that (i) he owes $80,000 on his house, which he believes to be worth $150,000; (ii) his car is worth $20,000, against which there is $2,000 on the remaining bank loan; (iii...

. George Wilkins checked the spreadsheet where he keeps track of his assets and liabilities. He discovered that (i) he owes $80,000 on his house, which he believes to be worth $150,000; (ii) his car is worth $20,000, against which there is $2,000 on the remaining bank loan; (i...

Math 7th
Write a description of each rule 2. (x,y) --> (x + 5, y - 2)

Math 7th
Write a descripition of each rule 1. (x,y) --> ( x- 11, y +4)

I guessed 2 ...

I need a description of a major theme from The Robber Bridegroom by Eudora Welty, please please please. -Preferably the theme with "Jamie Lockhart is the bandit of the woods. And the bandit of the woods is Jamie Lockhart" Thank you!!!

2nd grade
the homework is about quotation marks. Add quotion marks if the sentence needs them. Write an x after the sentence if quotation marks are not needed. 1.- Cal wants to collect rocks. 2.- He asks, Mom, can I have a bucket for my rocks?. 3.- His mom gives him a big bucket. 4.- Sh...

year go to the homework helper i have to do the same thing.

i have a question that say on a cart for each section: In the first column, write notes to describe how the inventions and trends of the 1920s changed american life. in the second column write the name of a related company or product that contributed to the boom of the 1920s. ...

Why is the arctan of (- square root of 3) 5 pi/6. How come it isn't broken down to 5 pi/3 since I got 10 pi/6 and that reduces to 5pi/3

crt 205
I need an example of a nonprejudicial rhetorical devices

how might a person distinguish between the prejudicial snd nonprejudicial use of rhetorical devices?

explain why tan 60degree=root3.

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