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if the price of an item triples the increase is what percent of the new price

An arrangement of 3 blocks A ,B,C such that block A of mass 5 kg is over block B of 6 kg, with a friction between them of 0.8. both the blocks are connected to the 3rd block C of mass m by a string and frictionless pulley. Now to find at what value of m will both pulley A and ...

GEOmetry(Special Coin Placement)
The total number of ways of choosing rows is 4C3, columns 10C3 Total number of ways of choosing 3 tiles among 40(4X10) is 40C3 Answer = (4C3*10C3)/40C3

how to find the value of any standard angle ??? for example sin 60*??? without using table

maths project
don't know

maths project
in a class there are 46 students out of them 20 are girls and 26 are boys,find ratio

how to print 2,5,11,20,32 to 200 and print its sum

How many significant figure in 4.297*10^4

find ab if bc=2o and dc=25 on aright triangle

What body of water that is hounded by Japan, Chaina,and Taiwan ?

"Transpiration is a necessary evil." Explain.

work and time
If 15 men or 24 women or 36 boys can do a piece of work in 12 days, working 8 hours a day, how many men must be associated with 12 women and 6 boys to do another piece of work 9/4 times as great in 30 days working 6 hours a day?

computer networks.
Question 1 (PIM) Assume you have a source S, and assume that some receivers have joined the shortestpath tree of S, while other receivers have joined only the shared tree. Prove that, if the network is in a steady state (no routing table changes, no receivers leaving or joinin...

Business Law
In each of following situtations. is there any violation of fiduciary relationship by a partner. In each case, indicate whether it would make difference if the partnership was informed of and/or approved the transaction. 1. Partner A sells land to his partnership without disc...

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