February 24, 2017

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Help- English
nevermind i shouldve trusted juice i didn't do good and her answers were correct
March 18, 2015

Help- English
someone tell me if juice is right
March 18, 2015

its b d c c because i got 3 wrong with b d a c
March 9, 2015

Take the first derivative, then set that equal to zero, then solve you should get t=0 and t=6. We know that in order for their to be a maximum, our graph must be concave down. Which means that our objects goes up then goes down. With that our velocity is equal to zero at the ...
January 11, 2015

Write an expression for the model. Find the sum. A. 2 + 3; 5 B. 2 + (–3); 1 C. 2 + (–3); –1 D. –3 + 2; 5
April 30, 2014

what are analogies? whats analogy for spread?
April 15, 2013

how do you make a model for the product of 0.04 multiplyied by 8
September 22, 2010

A hiker determines the length of a lake by listening for the echo of her shout reflected by a cliff at the far end of the lake. She hears the echo 1.7 s after shouting. Estimate the length of the lake.
September 20, 2010

A fisherman's scale stretches 3.9 cm when a 2.8 kg fish hangs from it. (a) What is the spring stiffness constant? N/m (b) What will be the amplitude and frequency of vibration if the fish is pulled down 2.7 cm more and released so that it vibrates up and down? amplitude cm...
September 13, 2010

In preparing to shoot an arrow, an archer pulls a bowstring back 0.43 m by exerting a force that increases uniformly from 0 to 268 N. What is the equivalent spring constant of the bow? N/m
September 13, 2010

A child's toy consists of a piece of plastic attached to a spring, as shown below. The spring is compressed against the floor a distance 1.8 cm and released. If the spring constant is 107 N/m, what is the magnitude of the spring force acting on the toy at the moment it is ...
September 13, 2010

A spring with a spring constant of 1.50 102 N/m is attached to a 1.2 kg mass and then set in motion. (a) What is the period of the mass-spring system? s (b) What is the frequency of the vibration? Hz
September 13, 2010

P=8, Q=16000
November 5, 2008

February 19, 2007

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