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A satellite is placed 39875 m above the Moon's SURFACE. (M=7.35e22 kg, R=1.74e6 m) Find the Period of the satellite in seconds. (assume a circular orbit)

A certain planet is located 3.54 x 10^11 m from its sun. If its orbital period is 4.9 x 10^7 s, find the mass of its sun.

Equation of the Tangent Line
Find the equation of a line tangent to te curve xy = sqrt(xy - x) + 1 at the point (1, 2).

Derivatives ~ Calculus
After integrating and solving, I got approximately 4.711393061. Does this seem right?

solve 3.7^4*x = 9271

Social Studies
east and west

2 = r cos( – 90°) y ?

Physics 30
The answer on my handout is 5.18 x 10^7

Physics 30
A radioactive isotope(h=4.5days) was prepared. This isotope was used 14 days later when it had an activity of 6000000 Bq. What was the activity of this isotope when initially prepared?

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