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Mr. Franco is making a triangular cement slab and needs to set boards before he can pour the cement. He has already set two boards that are 5 feet and 8 feet in length. What is a reasonable range for the length of the third board that Mr. Franco could set for this triangular c...

how much is 965feet of screen wire @ $.125 a foot?

neon gas is cooled and volume goes from 380L to 250ml and the final temperature is -55 Celsius what is the original temperature??

How many tiles are needed to create a border 3 inches high along the base of a wall?

a bag contains 6 white 2 black and 10 green marbles if a marble is selected at random find the probability that it is green

Ecology bio
What is meant by "high quality" and "low quality" litter? What impact does litter quality have on decomposition rates?

high school physics
What mass of water will give 240 calories when its temperature droped from 80 degrees celsius to 68 degrees celsius?

balance the followig example of a heterogeneous equilibrium and write its reaction quotient, Qc: S8 + F2=SF6 i've balanced it i think i got S8 +24F2 =8SF6 but when i try it it keeps telling me that i'm wrong when i write out the Qc

Write the equilibrium constant expression for the reaction: 2NO +2H2 =N2+2H2O Kc=?

Med Terminology
A patient underwent dialysis for CRF. What does this abbreviation represent? A-Culture and sensitivity B-Cystoscopic examination C-Chronic renal failure D-Catherization

Medical Terminology
A patient has calculi present in the kidney. This statement indicates which diagnosis? A)Nephrolithiasis B)Proteinuria C)Renal cell carcinoma D)Nephropathy

The vapor pressure of pure ethanol at 20 degrees C is 44 mmHg, and the vapor pressure of pure methanol at the same temperature is 94 mmHg. In a solution of the two, the mole fraction of ethanol is .439; the mole fraction for methanol is .561. Calculate the vapor pressure of ea...

6th grade social studies
i need help on homework everyday

is HC2H3O2 a strong or weak acid

What mass of glycerin (C3H8O3), a nonelectrolyte, must be dissolved in 216.2 g water to give a solution with a freezing point of -1.62 °C?

Which solvent, water or hexane (C6H14), would you choose to dissolve each of the following? 1. NaCl 2. HF 3. Octane 4. (NH4)2SO4

11th grade
Is malleability an extensive property or an intensive property? Explain.

dinoflagellates and diatoms

is malleability an extensive property or an intensive property? explain

matter 6 grade
i need help for school

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