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What are the three forces that change the shape of the land and what are the effects do they have on the earth?
November 26, 2006

Chemistry (Check)
November 15, 2006

Stats: Joint Density Function
Let the joint density function of X and Ybe given by: f(x)={kxy^2 for 0<x<y<1 (0 otherwise what is the value of k? Can someone please help me with this? The formula I used was: ))kxy^2 dx dy (where )) is double integration both from 0 to 1). I worked it out (I think) ...
October 18, 2006

Inorganic Chemistry
The atoms in barium metal are arranged in a body centered cubic unit cell. Calculate the radius of a barium atom in A if the density of barium is 3.50g/cm3. The atomic weight of barium is 137.34. The atoms in barium metal are arranged in a body centered cubic unit cell. ...
October 15, 2006

citizenship test for child
What are the 2 houses of congress and what is the judicial branch of the us government? The US government is made up of three branches: Executive -- the President and those who work with him Legislative -- the Senate and the House of Representatives Judicial -- US Supreme ...
October 12, 2006

Managerial Accounting: Help Me
Please help me with the following 4 questions 1)
October 9, 2006

5th grade math
What is the value of 5 the numbers 3,552,308,725
October 5, 2006

homework !!
My daughter did excellent in school last year (grade 1) She was reading at a grade 2 level, and loved school. Now, she says she can't read, won't read and when she tries she is getting all the small words wrong. Is she playing me or does she have a problem?? My first ...
September 19, 2006

What do we call the numbers that cannot be arranged into 2-row arrays? odd numbers. I learned that from Roger. And the answer is the same as one several posts below. Giberra
September 13, 2006

devise a number system based on base 11. a)draw the number line b)show examples of addition and subtraction c)develop a representation of negative numbers based on elevens complement Hi Stephanie: I guess first I want to make sure you understand what a base 11 number system ...
September 3, 2006

mathh (unit rate)
determine the unit rate if 10,500 ants are in 1,500 square feet.
August 22, 2006

find the pattern... 28,300,10 There is no single pattern. Post more numbers in your sequence.
August 10, 2006

Fed Tax 2- AMT
Corp reports - Taxable income 300,000 Interest on private activity bonds 20,000 Life insurance proceeds 250,000 Dividends-received deduction 50,000 Depreciation claimed for: Taxable income purposes 175,000 AMT purposes 130,000 Adjusted current earnings 800,000 What is th e ...
August 5, 2006

I am an Axia student to. I HATED COM220
July 20, 2006

on fur seals breeding what where when how seasonal movements description including coping with a harsh environment food chain what is great about fur seals
July 25, 2005

on light, heat and sound Waht are primary coulars of light What is spectram what are the colours What determins a colour Name one good conductor of heat and one good insulatore??? thanks if you help me send answer soon thanks a million
July 25, 2005

on fur seals Breeding when where what how food chain destription including coping with a harsh environment may be a relivent question to mine I will check
July 25, 2005

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