October 27, 2016

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I am a positive integer less than 100. two more than my value is a multiple of 6. the sum of my digits is a multiple of 7. I must show all my work This kind of problem can't be solved by writing and solving one or two equations. You have to use "trial and error" ...
March 22, 2007

A pendulum clock that works perfectly on Earth is taken to the Moon. (a)Does it run fast or slow there? (b) if the clock is started at 12:00:00 am, what will it read after one Earth day(24hrs)? Assume that the free-fall acceleration on the Moon is 1.63 m/s^2 I tried to do this...
March 21, 2007

Given that x=Acos(wt) is a sinusoidal function of time, show that v(velocity) and a(acceleration) are also sinusoidal functions of time. (HINT: Use v=square root [(k/m)(A^2-x^2)] and a=(-k/m)X The hint tells you what to do: put Acoswt for X. A second way which is easier is in ...
March 15, 2007

genetics (again)
i asked this question...when subcloning a gene and inserting it into a vector you normally would use x-gal to locate transformants if x-gal is not available what are the alternatives...and thankyou for the alternatives but i was wondering if there was any other process that ...
March 9, 2007

when subcloning a gene and inserting it into a vector you normally would use x-gal to locate transformants if x-gal is not available what are the alternatives <<In addition to X-Gal, several alternative [3-gal sub- strates with different halide groups on the indolyl ...
March 8, 2007

Asprin, c9h804, is produced through the following reaction of salicyclic acid, c7h6o3, and acetic anhydride, c4h6o3. chemical equation: c7h6o3 + c4h6o3 yields c9h8o4 + hc2h3o2 (all numbers in this equation are subscripts) At 20 degrees Celsius. how many liters of acetic acid, ...
January 21, 2007

the union of (a,b,c,d)and (14,15)
January 7, 2007

v-6<35 add six to both sides. first you take the 6 and bring it over. so its v<35-6. Then you subtract them, giving you the answer v<29 add six to both sides.
January 7, 2007

n+2>32 subtract 2 from both sides.
January 7, 2007

12 - 5z/4 < 37 12-5z/4 < 37 Subtract 12 from each side. -5z/4 < 25 Mulitply each side by -4 to cancel out the negative and 4 in the denominator. Switch the inequality symbol because you are multiplying/dividing by a negative number. 5z > -100 Divide each side by 5...
December 14, 2006

- 20> 8 +7a Solve inequalities like you would an equation, EXCEPT if you multiply or divide by a negative number, reverse the inequality sign. Let's look at your problem: - 20 > 8 + 7a First subtract 8 from both sides (whatever operation you do to one side you must ...
December 14, 2006

3x - 1 > 14 3x-1>14 3x>14+1 3x>15 x>5
December 14, 2006

Hi can some one go back to my Math logic problem and possibly give me one more example? thanx :) I found a paper you may want your library to get for you: It is probably in the local college library. I wish I had a copy. ...
December 3, 2006

math logic
I need to find 5 or more ordered pairs (x,y) In which xy = x + y like (0,0) and (2,2) 0,0 2,2 1/2,-1 -1,1/2 i need one more How about two different x's and y''s? (2,3) = 1,5) this is the problem: xy= x+y or the product of xy equals the sum of x and y. example: x= ....
December 3, 2006

earth science
What are two lines of evidence that indicate that earth is rotating? What is the motion of the stars at night? What does the Sun do in the day? i want to seach features of the earth in its inner structure
August 30, 2006

i have to create a visual display, a creative one, to illustrate what diction is using the defination, one or more examples and an attractive resource for teaching the function of the term What definition of diction are you using? writers or speakers word choice Thanks. Did ...
August 19, 2006

i need to do a visual display to help teach diction, and i cant think of any ideas, i have to use examples too Let's start with what you want to teach about diction. After you decide what you want to teach, finding visuals to illustrate your points should be easier. This ...
August 19, 2006

australia's role in united nations
August 8, 2006

brain teaser help
You threw away the outside and cooked the inside. Then you ate the outside and composted the inside. What did you just eat? an egg??....
August 20, 2005

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