March 30, 2017

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Two chords of a circle of lengths 10 cm and 8 cm are at the distances 8.0 cm and 3.5 cm, respectively from the centre? ans:false how? plzz explain clearly
October 9, 2016

MathGuru, /**** statistic. Otherwise, check a z-table for a one-tailed test at .05 level of significance. Compare to your test statistic. If the test statistic exceeds the value from the table, reject the null and conclude p < .90. If the test statistic does not exceed the ...
April 20, 2012

Prayer Request
brothers and sisters please pray for me,my girlfriend had family problems,due to this problems she had breakup with me , i love her so much she loves me too , please pray for us so that she should come back for me, i want to marry her with the gods will. our parents should ...
July 14, 2008

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