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first derivative
What is the first derivative of ln (x^2 + 2)?

A bottle of juice holds 3/8 gallon when it is full, if 1/3 of the juice has been poured out, how much juice is left? Is this subtracting fractions or multiplying??

Math, Trig
Thanks so much!

Math, Trig
The high level bridge, a railway bridge that crosses the Oldman River is over 1km long. From one point on the river, the angle of elevation of the top of the bridge is 62.6 degrees. From a point 20m closer to the bridge, the angle of elevation of the top of the bridge is 72.8 ...

network topology
what type of home network topology do you utilize? does the physical topology differ from its logical topology? if you do not have a homework, research a friends network and use that data in your response.

Using the standard normal distribution, find the probability that z is less than -1.78 (Points: 6) 0.0375 0.9625 0.9319 0.0384

Lake Point Tower in Chicago is the tallest apartment building in the United States (although not the tallest building in which there are apartments).Suppose you take the elevator from street level to the roof of the building.The elevator moves almost the entire distance at con...

5th grade Math
x 0 2 4 6 y 8 18 28 38 If x=8 then y=??? Please answer in equation form like y=....

thx Jen

correct answer but can you put it in equation like y=?? ??

x=0 2 4 6 y=8 18 28 38 If x=8 , Y=? pls show step by step

Please show me a step-by-step of square root of 2209 without using calculator or just say square root of 2209?

My math teacher is really really anal about it that's why. No calculator or short cuts. Thx

Please show the steps of 2209^1/2 or steps of square root of 2209?

WaywardSon, Thank you. can you show the steps of 2209^1/2 or step of square root of 2209?

What is a step by step answer to (17+x)^2=2209 ?

Calculate the force of gravity on a 1-kg mass at Earth's surface. Mass of Earth is 6.0 x 10^24th powerkg and Radius is 6.4 x 10^6th power m

A study has shown that among people without any preschool education, 32% were employed at age 19. If 100 people without preschool education are selected, find the probability that 40 or fewer are employed.

"Given that f(x)=3x-4 g(x)=2x²+5 Find g(f(x))" Can you helpme out?



The two values I got for those cell potentials were 1.61 (Ce^4+ + 2e- -> Ce^3+) and -1.18 for Mn^2+ + 2e^- -> Mn. Which equals 0.43V. I wasn't sure if I double the value for Ce^4 ... as they have 2's at front of them?

Finanal Literacy
thanks! :D

Finanal Literacy
What do you think happens to the value of investments that grow slower than inflation?

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