March 28, 2017

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5x-3y=2x-xy solve for x
September 15, 2013

A forest ranger in a 140-foot observation tower sees a fire moving in a direct path toward the windmill by the lake. The angle of depression to the fire is 3°, and the angle of depression to the windmill is 8°. To the nearest foot, how close is the fire to the windmill?
February 23, 2013

triangle abc has sides a=11 b=13 and c=15. find the sum of the angles supplementary to angles a, b, c
February 23, 2013

Suppose <A is one of the acute angles formed by the line x+2y=6 and the x axis. What is the approximate measure of <A to the nearest degree of <A?
February 23, 2013

B and D
May 7, 2011

Yep. X= 0.1 Ea=0 Y= 0.1 DeltaG=0 Z= 0.1
July 19, 2010

UCI webworks Problem 9
a. v, vi b. iii c. iv d. ii e. i
July 19, 2010

UCI Webworks
Longest constraint distance: CV+ and -OH (i, ii) Highest energy: transition state (iv) Shortest constraint distance: CVOH (iii)
July 19, 2010

Chemistry (WebWorks)
A. iii B. ii C. v D. v or vi (either one works) E. vii F. viii
July 19, 2010

Yeah, for part A: It's iii. because that's we answered LUMO for CV (the Lewis acid)in the previous question and that's what the picture looks like on Spartan. iv. is the HOMO for OH (Lewis base found in the previous question also. Part B is i., but dunno how that ...
July 17, 2010

July 13, 2010

chemistry(check my answer)
It's A
April 29, 2010

O chem
The 2-methylpropene is hydrated by the sulfuric acid which produces t-butanol.
January 6, 2010

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