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What would be a good hypothesis on a dominant trait? I'm 4th grade and this is my first project but I am confused cause I do not know how to write one thank you

u deposit $100 at the end of each quarter in a sinking fund earning 4% compounded quarterly. How many quarterly deposits must you make in order to reach your goal of saving $10,000? Round your answer off to the nearest whole number

financial accounting
when a merchandiser sell on account which journal entry is needed to record the transaction

A cone shaped paper drinking cup is to be made from a circular piece of paper of radius 3 inches by cutting out a sector of the circle and gluing the straight edges together. Find the angle of the cut that gives the cup with the largest capacity.

Use any calculus method to determine extrema, intervals where the function is increasing or decreasing, asymptotes,and points of inflection for y = -x^4 + 2x^3 - x + 2

I am confused how to derivative this... 2y=x^2+siny

What is the opposite of a background stressor ?

most people think of bamboo as a tree or a bush transitive or intransitiv

The half-life of 234U, uranium-234, is 2.52 105 yr. If 97.7% of the uranium in the original sample is present, what length of time (to the nearest thousand years) has elapsed

In a simple linear regression you are told that the estimate of the slope coefficient was 0.9 and that the "t-statistic" for testing whether the slope parameter was unity or not was -3.6. What is the estimated standard error for the estimated slope coefficient?

I'm doing a proportion for a problem. Would it be $/ft = ft/x or $/ft= x/ft

f=5gh for h

writing a negative message to a superior
My issue is that I need a first paragraph buffer before I break the bad news to a superior. Any suggestions?

does anyone have any good idea on how to learn subtacting decimals. where there is alot of borrowing involved?

the problem is to graph the equation below. 3x - y < 2 and x + y > 2 my solution is y = 3x - 2, y = -1x + 2 I,m lost at where my lines ar drawn. In y = 3x - 2 (y line is 3) and y = -1x +2 (y line is -1) or am I totaly lost. After continued effort I beleive 1st equation m...

the problem is to graph 3x - y < 2 x + y > 2 my solution is y = 3x - 2, y = -1x + 2 I,m lost at where my lines ar drawn. In y = 3x - 2 (y line is 3) and y = -1x +2 (y line is -1) or am I totaly lost. After continued effort I beleive 1st equation m = 3 and y-intercept is ...

The sum of two numbers is 112. The second is 7 more than 4 times the first. What are the two numbers? Am I doing something wrong? I seem to be stuck. x + y =112 (x+7)4y=112 The second equation should be: y+7=4x Should be the 2nd equation. The 2nd one: y is 7 more. This is a li...

Which of the following represent the equation of the line passing through (6, –10) and (6, –6)? A) x = 6 B) y = 6 C) y = x + 6 D) y = 4x My solution was m = -6 +10 = 4/0 6 – 6 because 4 0ver 0 was the result of my solution I thought answer D (above) was my answe...

I have been asked a question regarding inconsistency. How would I use these equations to solve the questions? x-y=5 2x = 2y+14 If you arrange your second equation this way 2x - 2y = 14 then divide by 2 you get x-y=7 compare this with your first equation You are looking at two ...

Finding the slope and y-intercept for x = -9, I beleive is (-9, 0) and the slope is undefined. However what if you are looking for the slope and y-intercept of y = x? Hmmm. It is a vertical line, so you are right, slope is undefined. Now y=x is easy Rewrite it as y= 1*x + 0 sl...

I'm having problems solving for an equation with a single variant. example: 3x + y + 3 Please show work so I can fully understand Thanks I don't understand your question, you don't have an equation. I have to graph 3x + y = 3, so I was trying to solve it to graph i...

How do you get a slope if you only have the y-intercept. example: (0,5) and (-3, -4) To find slope: slope = (y2 - y1) / (x2 - x1) With your values: slope = (-4 - 5) / (-3 - 0) = -9/-3 = 3 I hope this will help and is what you were asking.

How would one write y = 2/3x -4 in standard form? First read: Then: multiply both sides by 3 3y=2x-12 then move terms into standard form -2x+3y=-12 you could multiply both sides by -1 to get 2x-3y=12 but i...

Posted by Lance on Friday, April 27, 2007 at 9:47pm in response to math. please give us one set of numbers so we can work an example for you. What was the percentage increase in motor vehicle production in countries outside the United States from 1950 – 1997? 1950- 10,577...

What was the percentage increase in motor vehicle production in countries outside the United States from 1950 – 1997? 1950- 10,577 1997- 53,463 I'm trying to figure out the percentages of population increases between different countries at different years. Having prob...

what would the dimensions of a retangle be whose perimeter is 50(P=50)inches when the length is 2x-5 ane the width is unknown The width must be 25 - (2x-5) = 30-2x, since the sum of the length and width must be half the perimeter. You do not have enough information to solve fo...

Writing Assignment--PLEASE HELP!!!
I have to write a letter report on the topic of investment opportunities using the approiate approach and organizational pattern. I need help! Are there any sites to help? Subject clarification. This student needs assistance from someone who understands her topic. =) Thank you...

When developing a written plan, a technique in which the writer includes every detail as it occurs is called what? 1. Writing a rough draft 2. mapping out 3. outlining 4. brainstorming Would the correct answer be brainstorming? I think probably outlining would be a better answ...

orientalism of muslim and arab american
I too am from UOP. How funny...I too was lost but the answers here have help me understand, somewhat what type of answer I am looking for. I don't understand why there is not more clarification in our reading for the assignment and I cannot find anything online that can ex...

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