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Propose some reasons why woman were unable to keep leadership positions during the reign of terror and it's aftermath

finite math
a cellular phone manufacturer randomly selects 5 phones from every batch of 50 produced. if at least one of the phones is found to be defective, then each phone in the batch is tested individually. find the probability that the entire batch will need testing if the batch conta...

a 5 g mixture of natural gas containing ch4 and c2h4 was burnt in excess of oxygen yielding 14.5 g of co2 and h2o.What is the weight of ch4 and co2 in the mixture

a 5 g mixture of natural gas containing ch4 and c2h4 was burnt in excess of oxygen yielding 14.5 g of co2 and h2o.What is the weight of ch4 and co2 in the mixture.

physics 11
By how much would 1200 W kettle, which is 72% efficient raise the temperature of 0.60 kg of water in 3.0 min?

The expression 1/3 log (a)-3 log(b) is equivalent to_________, i know the answer but i dont know how to get it.

computer science
Write a method main that demonstrates class Employee's capabilities by creating two Employee objects. Initialize one of the objects (give values to the instance variables) using the constructor and display its instance variable values through the display method. Using the ...

r-s-3t-u=1 2r+4s-2u=2 3r+4s-2t=0 r+2t-3u=3 find the solution

Mathew has received $1 the first week, $3 the 2nd week, $5 the 3rd week and so on until he has received a total of $1 000 000. What amount did he receive the last week?

maybe it's (6,9) or (6,12) either one

how do we calculate the height of a falling ball with a mass of 0.5kg and a velocity of 10m/s.

WHAT does "a" stand for?

a ball has a mass of 0.5kg dropped from a cliff top, the ball srtikes the sea below at a velocity of 10m/s. (a)what is the kinetic energy of the ball as it strikes the sea? (b) what was its potential energy before it was dropped? (c)from what height was it dropped?

A motor cyclist travelling at 12m/s decelerates at 3m/s^2. (a)How long does he take to come to rest? (b)How far does he travel in coming to rest?

thanx reiny i realyy appreciate t ill try and answer ur question

ms.sue plz help me

problem # 1 No Zeroes two numbers multiply to give 100 000. Neither of them contain a zero. What are the numbers? problem # 2 Junk Food a burger and a cola togerther cost $3.25. If the burger costs $1.75 more than the cola, how much does the cola cost? PLZ HELP FAST!!!!!!!!!!!...

Using the Mundell-Fleming model, compare and contrast the impact of monetary expansion with low capital mobility under fixed and flexible exchange rates.

Well Dr Bob can you explain the rule for where you take from or add in transition metal ions?

the answer is B, but can you explain the process to answering it?

26. The first five successive ionisation energies of an element are 0.807, 2.433, 3.666, 25.033, 32.834 MJ mol–1 . Which one element from those listed below could this element be? •(A) B (B) C (C) N (D) O (E) F

6th grade
If a ladder is on a house and the top is touching the house 8 feet above the ground, the bottom is touching the ground 6 feet away from the house, if you move the ladder in 1 foot how high will the ladder be touching the house.

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