July 25, 2014

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How much heat (in Joules) is gained by the water when a chemical reaction takes place in 100.0 ml aqueous solution, has a temperature increase of 10.20°C and a specific heat capacity of 4.180 J/°Cg? [Hint: ignore any effects of the calorimeter and solve for qwater]

The mean of a data set is 23 and 12.6. The z-score is -1.30. What is the standard deviation?

Explain how the energy (total, kinetic or potential) will change when you let an object to free-fall from the top of a building

Beachfront resorts have inelastic supply, and automobiles have an elastic supply. Suppose that a rise in population doubles the demand for both products (that is, the quantity demanded at each price is twice what it was). a. What happens to the equilibrium price and quantity i...

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