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World Literature
cant you just answer the question please?

World Literature
The story " The Simple Story of G. Washington " 1. type of narrator? 2. dialogue? 3. attitude toward the children? 4. does the narrator change? The Story " Kiddie Kar Travel" 1. type of narrator? 2. dialogue? 3. attitude toward the children? 4. does the nar...

world literature
you can choose any character. i havent yet ..

world literature
well i have been reading and i cant find any answers .

world literature
Ther are several ways to learn about characters: through their appearance, actions, speech, thoughts, feelings, and descriptions by other characters. Take one character from " the night the ghost got in" and give two different examples of characterization.

world literature
in the story "the night the ghost got in" Downstairs , we could hear the tromping of the other police. Police were all over the place; doors were yanked open , drawers were yanked open, windows were shot up and pulled sown, furniture feel with dull thumps. James Thur...

world literature
the story "My financial Career" (text pp. 336-378) and the "" the work of one day is gazed upon for one thousand days" ( text pp. 257-263 ) deal with the similar subject matter of finance and business; however, the tone is these stories differs. Contra...

world literature
In the story" the Background" the type of humor the authors uses is satire. The satire is aimed at two targets: the government and art critics. Choose one of these targets and explain how satire is used to make fun of it. Use examples from the story to support your a...

Information Technology Infrastructure.
Identify at least three difficulties that a DBMS overcomes for the business enterprise. Name two additional problems that are caused by relational DBMS technology. Justify your choices.

explain what is meant by the scientific method

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