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Corporate Finance
A firm has a long-term debt-equity ratio of 0.5. Shareholders’ equity is $1.07 million. Current assets are $256,500, and the current ratio is 1.9. The only current liabilities are notes payable. What is the total debt ratio? (Round your answer to 2 decimal places.)

world history
In response to the formation of NATO,the Soviet Union created the...?

A 10kg runaway grocery cart runs into a spring with spring constant 260 n/m and compresses it by 50 cm . Part A What was the speed of the cart just before it hit the spring?

Business Math
A stockholder solder her shares and made a profit of $1,408. If that is a profit of 24%, how much were her shares when she originally purchased them?

What exerts the force obn a rocket in outer space to make it move forward?

A gun fires a bullet. When will the muzzle velocity of the bullet be equal to the recoil speed of the gun?

A car slows to a stop over a certain distance. What could cause the stopping force to be greater?

A 3 kg slab of putty moving at 8 m/s strikes, and sticks to, a 5 kg slab of stationary putty. What is the final speed of the combined mass?

a 25 kg slab of putty is moving to the East at 6 m/s. What is the momentum of the putty?

Two objects are dropped from the same height. One object has a mass of 5 kg and the second a mass of 10 kg. What quantity(s) is/are different about the two masses just prior to impact with the ground?

Compared to a bicycle moving at 20 km/hr, how much momentum does the same bicycle have when moving at 60 km/hr?

Why does a cannonball shot from a cannon with a long barrel travel faster than the same cannonball shot from a cannon with a shorter barrel?

Compared to a 400 kg plane flying at 5200 km/hr, how much momentum does a 2000 kg plane have at the same speed?

A 80 kg astronaut fires a 20 kg torpedo at 50 m/s from his torpedo gun. What is the astronaut's recoil speed?

A 60 kg skier moving at 14 m/s strikes a snow bank and comes to a stop in 4 seconds. What is the average impact force on the skier?

f(x)=sqrt(x-2)-4 f(x)=0

Business research
You conduct a survey of a sample of 25 members of this year�s graduating marketing students and find that the average GPA is 3.2. The standard deviation of the sample is 0.4. Over the last 10 years, the average GPA has been 3.0. Is the GPA of this year&ium...

how to save a microsoft word document on a computer runnign a windows based operating system to a computer disc

hillhouse high
Pain is classified as what

Y-E-S is very obvious

Personal Finance
Sorry that was not the right numbers, but the right set up. Let me do it with your numbers. the combined income is $80,000 x .75=60,000/12=5000, add the 50 for childcare and get 5050 for monthly survivors expense. Take home pay of survivor- divide 40,000 by 12=3333.33 + surviv...

Personal Finance
FAMILY MAINTENANCE FUND Monthly survivors' expenses $5650 Monthly survivors' take-home pay $3500 Monthly survivors' benefits $1200 Total contribution by survivors' ($4700) Monthly maintenance requirement $950 x12 Annual maintenance requirement $11,400 Multiply...

AP Physics Word Problems ASAP!
A block of mass, m, starts from rest and slide without friction down an incline. a) What is the acceleration of the block while itis in contact with the incline? b). If the block leaves with a speed of 5 m/s what is the length of the incline? If the block lands on floor 3m awa...

What is the best treatment for interstitial lung disease? No one here is competent to answer best: Even a medical doctor would cringe on that one without looking a the patient. If you have this condition, you o...

Is the following sentence a complex sentence? As a result of showing my gregarious personaity, I have many friends. No, it's not complex. Before the comma, there needs to be a clause, not a phrase. Did you find my correction below?? Let me know how you decide to correct th...

Are these complex sentences???? =/ help. 1. Although my friend did not believe, I am a devout Christian. 2. If i remain diligent, I will succeed. 3.Unless he gets the defiant behavior under control, he will be expelled. 4.Because I hate spending my money, shopping makes me tem...

I have to write complex sentences with some hard words like contentious, diffident, and gregarious for example. Anyone know of a web site that may help??? When I looked up the word diffident, I found the meaning. Because diffident describes how I write English sentences, I cou...

At the back of every igloo and the middle of the moon Always running around in loops you'll find me If you look inside the room What am I? Which letter of the alphabet answers this question?

The beginning of eternity The end of time and space The beginning of every end And the end of every place I think your answer is the letter E.

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