March 27, 2017

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.5(k)x^2=m(9.81)(d)(mk) mk=coefficient of friction d= is distance traveled m=is mass of albertine in kg x=distance spring was displaced k=spring constant so enter in everything you do know and solve for mk. answer: mk=.102
October 20, 2010

Ui=mgh+.5kh^2 ui=(1.5)(9.81)(-.25)+(.5(667)(-.25)^2) ki=0 Ui=17.165 Kf=.5mv^2 ki+Ui=.5mv^2 solve for v v=4.78 m/s
October 17, 2010

.1(-31)=-3.1 .1(21)=2.1 arctan(2.1/3.1)=theta=34.114 3.1^2+2.1^2=p^2 p=3.744 3.744/t=Fav 2.5*.0015=Impulse ========3.74432904kg*m/s
July 11, 2010

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