July 28, 2014

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algebra 11
At Joseph Middle School, the probability that a boy takes English and Science is 0.087. The probability that a boy takes English is 0.68. What is the probability that a boy takes Science given that the boy is taking English?

two forces act on a moving object with a mass of force has a magnitude of 12N and points south, while the other has a magnitude of 17N and points due west. Whats the acceleration of the object?

Physics 2
that not the answer i have in my book. the answer i have is 4.5m/s.

Physics 2
is this correct?: speed(time)=distance speed=dist/time

Physics 2
the escalator that leads down into a subway station has a length of 30.0m and a speed of 1.8 m/s relative to the ground. student is coming out of subway by running up the wrong direction on escalator. local record time for this is 11s. relative to escalator, what speed must th...

I need help with conversions: Vera survived the longest fall on record without a parachute. she fell 6miles, 551 miles. whats her distance in yards?

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