March 25, 2017

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How do you determine (without graphing) if the polynomial has line symmetry about the y-axis, point symmetry about the origin, or neither. The function is: f(x)= -x^5 + 7x^3 + 2x
June 3, 2012

Holden Company's shareholders' equity includes 75,000 shares of $0.40 cumulative preferred shares that had been issued for $375,000 and 200,000 common shares issued for a total of $720,000. Holden did not declare any dividends during the prior year and now declares and...
May 27, 2012

What s an excess of expense over revenue called?
May 26, 2012

The formula given was: (real rate of interest) = (nominal rate of interest) - (expected rate of inflation) A chartered bank offers a one-year loan at "3 points above prime." Prime is 4 per cent. a) What is the nominal interest rate? b)If expected inflation is 3 per ...
May 17, 2012

Is there any good websites where I can download or view a textbook online for free?
May 16, 2012

Ok we have to make an advertisment for my english class and its due monday. Today is friday. any ideas??? How about an advertisement for a book you've enjoyed? You could include a photo of the cover of the book and a couple of lines of praise for it. Ads should usually be ...
August 10, 2007

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