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calculate the density of an aluminum pipe if the mass of the aluminum is 37g and the level of the water ina graduated cylinder increased by 11.0 mL when the pipe is submerged in the graduated cylinder. then calculate the percent error of the experimental value if the reference...

english 2
Correctly punctuate and capitalize the following: to whom it may concern in regards to the memorial day fiasco aboard your cruise ship star princess we would first like to offer our sincere apology for our part in the mishap while we do not plan on taking legal action against ...

You have just purchased a house and have obtained a 30-year, $200,000 mortgage with an interest rate of 10 percent. Required: a. what is your annual payment? b. Assuming you bought the house on Jan. 1st, what is the principle balance after one year? c. After four years, mortga...

Can anyone help work these problumns out step by step? 11x-37=x+23 10p-26=p-44 -13x+5=4x-6 -7x+13=4x-7 11x+5=17 -11x+13=-42 -15y+26=-19 5x-13=9x+15 6q-14=11q-19 4(-2x-5)=29 12(2-5x)=(3x-1) 9x+2=15x-10 19q+4=7q-3 6(2x+1)=9(2x+6) -7(x-3)=8(4-5x) -3(p-4)=8(4-9p) -(y+15)=7(-5-3y) ...

Bob was mostly right, however when he took into consideration of the gravity on the down side he forgot to input the static friction that goes against gravity pulling the block down the slope. Tension= (Us*(mass*9.8cos(theta))-((mass*9.8sin(20))-(Us*(mass*9.8cos(20)) So withou...

thankyou but, so what would you say the answer is a,b,c or d?

x2 + 3x - 18 < 0 A.(-6, 3) B. (-3, 6) c.(-∞, -6)∪(3, ∞) D. (-∞, -3)∪(6, ∞)

okay so the answer is b?

How do I declare how many boxes there are and how much per box with this information..... Write an IceCreamStation class in Java. An ice cream station sells ice cream cones, but needs to buy ice cream (by the pint) and cones (by the box) to make the ice cream cones. A box of c...

Calculate the force of gravity on a spacecraft 19200 km (3 earth radii) above the Earth's surface if its mass is 1600 kg. Hint: At three earth radii from the surface of the Earth, the gravity force (weight) of the spacecraft will be reduced to (1/4)^2 = 1/16 of the weight ...

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