May 4, 2016

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math problem
I'm trying to get a handle on what square roots are (I think thats what they are called). Here is an example. 4(almost like a division sign but it is more like a check mark)3. I don't understand what it is, its a square root? and How do I deal with these things? A ...
July 19, 2007

Ok I'm trying to find the radius of a circle with the given measurement. 4/5C=17 C stands for Circumference. Solve for C (multiply both sides by 5/4) Then, solve for radius R= C/2PI
July 19, 2007

How do I figure out the height of a triangle? The height of a triangle is defined as the perpendicular distance from an angle to a side. Now, since this is a right triangle, and depending on how it is situated, the height could be 10" or 12" if you observe from the ...
July 18, 2007

yeah i have seen that but it doesnt label the borders so i dont know what they are or the river names and stuff like that i have been looking all over the web to finish a wrting i am doing about the roman empire and i need to know what the boundaries were of it in 44 bc the ...
April 24, 2007

Environmental Science
b. salt water is correct
April 20, 2007

Alegebra 1B
7x/16-x/16 When you have the same denominators (numbers on the bottom), you can just subtract the numerators (#s on the top) So 7x-x = 6x So the answer is 6x/16 Matt x-5+(-6)-6=0 x-5+(-6)-6=0 wa zup i think she is right i mean she is right
March 31, 2007

I really need help with my science lab. I was sick when we did the lab on Thursday and Friday was a snowday so I did not get to get the observations off my peers. My teacher has allowed people one more day and I do not understand this Lab at all. If someone could help me write...
March 5, 2007

Hi Everyone, I have to deliver a presentation on euthanasia, which requires a creative aspect that may involve the class as well. (My position is against euthanasia by the way). I was thinking that I could have a game or bring something in that could act as an analogy for the...
October 12, 2006

einstein's equation
joules :)
September 6, 2006

go browns
August 29, 2006

making dot arrays
The answer is Even. 2,4,6,8..... The other would be odd. 3,5,7,9......
August 21, 2006

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